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PostPosted: Saturday September 26th, 2020 3:55am
by Cael Darkhollow
lestodante wrote:That guy from boardgamegeek that owns the unreleased expansion (Wizard/Dwarf Quest Pack) after long time of waiting has finally posted some photos of the unreleased stuff he has on the facebook group!
Link here:
So they really seems to be some kind of demo stuff, in my opinion the qualtiy of the sculpts is not so good, they look more like children toys than miniatures.
There are a male and female dwarf (with hammer and with club) a skaven, a minotaur, a chinese dragon, a golem, a sabretooth, a giant spider and one strange figure looking like a small rhino-dragon.
The sabretooth is the only good figure for my tastes while all the others look a bit weird. But ayway they are unreleased official stuff so is a good thing they have been finally shown to the community.
I guess the sculptor stle in the 2 dwarfs is recognizable, he should be the same guy who sculpted the Frozen Horror figure. Just wondering if a female wizard also exists.
I'll ask if I can share all the images here too, but can't resist to post a few here right now...

When I read that I got exited thinking it was a legendary Zoat, a Rhino-Centaur type monster that was the second of Games Workshop's attempts at a unique trademark fantasy/sci-fi race not directly tied to Tolkien or D&D, the first being the Fimir. They were in early 40K and 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy, but were eliminated as Warhammer races with almost no mention in later editions, just a few metal figures and the inexplicable inclusion of the plastic Fimir in the original HeroQuest. There was long speculation that Zoats would have appeared in HeroQuest because early color illustrations in 3rd edition Warhammer books showed all the good races and all the bad races which HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest eventually made all of except the Zoat.
After having seen the actual sculpt photos it looks more like a cartoon dragon monster with a rhino horn configuration similar in style to Bakshi's Wizards cartoon style than a Zoat. The poster called it a "rhinodog." Seems all of the sculpts of unseen unproduced HQ figures were pretty weak with the exceptions of the awesome Sabertooth (reminiscent of the Marx prehistoric toy) and the Female dwarf. The spider is so-so and the rest don't seem to match the aesthetic of HeroQuest, probably a major factor in their cancellation.