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A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Friday December 18th, 2020 6:01pm
by Azure
Hello there everybody ; this is a short topic with a specific purpose. I wonder if any of you played/ or bought a game called ''DUNGEON CRAWL'' made by ''SmackWell''. It's a dungeon crawler type of game in the same spirit as HeroQuest, Dungeon Saga, DarkLight, Arcane Quest, etc. It's apparently EXCLUSIVELY MADE for print-and-play. I found a few videos only that talk about it on Youtube.

The reason why I did not put this topic in the last page of ''Other Games'' is because I think that the section of the Forum is quite inactive and very quiet. Hence why I'm doing my research here instead.

So - - I'm looking for this game called Dungeon Crawl. Apparently, anybody can buy it on the official website. Here is the catch ; I want to buy it from but it seems absolutely impossible to do. Also, I don't have a PayPal account so I cannot buy it from the creator on his website. Furthermore - - his website doesn't seem regularly updated and some people actually complained that the process to obtain the game was not optimal/quite clunky and that it needed a refresh.

NOTE - - The ONLY relevant video I ever found in Youtube is this one : ... Gaminggeek

My point of view :
- It seems to be an excellent game for 15 $ US
- The rules are akin to HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest
- Races, classes, traits and combat cards seem pretty neat
- The game has like 150 pages of content - - or more
- 35 pre-made quests ready to play
- Seems very unique, cryptic and hard to get your hands on....
- Why is the creator himself not talking more about his own game ?
- Payment methods and hosting systems don't seem truly functional...

So yeah - if anybody can help me obtain it (I want to pay the creator), that would be great.
If you know about it, please reply in this post.

Thank you very much !!

Re: A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Sunday December 20th, 2020 10:59am
by Kurgan
That $15 must be for the privilege of playing it... Because printing to play a game the scale of Hero Quest is NOT that cheap, unless you're printing it all on plain black and white paper or something. Then again if you did a huge run, you could bring the cost down... maybe. Monopoly can be that cheap for those reasons (includes basic plastic minis, detailed metal minis, cards, board, and paper rules in the basic set).

The only other way to go so cheap would be to just use found objects from your house, after "purchasing" the rules. Use your old lego set, bicycle cards, a sheet of cardboard from an amazon box or draw on a plastic table-cloth, scavenge dice from your Yahtzee set, and draw it with pencil.


Accomplish your dreams, I say. Sending money via Paypal without creating an account, is apparently possible.

Re: A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Sunday December 27th, 2020 6:00pm
by mk4000
I watched this video a few weeks ago. It looked like a good ruleset but had issues trying to find a way to buy it from him.

Re: A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Monday December 28th, 2020 10:03am
by Malcadon
I remember that game. (Only the demo version.)

Alex Bermudez, who made the game, ran the defunct Oldscratch HQ Forums ( I miss that place.

Re: A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Monday December 28th, 2020 11:39pm
by mk4000
I remember old scratch's. I still try to view it throughout the way back machine in case I miss something that is not anywhere else.

Re: A mysterious game called ''Dungeon Crawl''

PostPosted: Tuesday January 19th, 2021 3:49pm
by Daedalus
For anyone interested in purchasing Biff's (Alex's) game:

@ Azure
I'd suggest replying in the BGG topic featured in the video. You could also send Alex a GeekMail by clicking his avatar there. As Kurgan suggested, you could pay through PayPal if Alex uses your email to request a linked payment (I never tried this, but it's in Kurgan's link.)