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The Tomb of the Dark Pharaoh

PostPosted: Saturday July 2nd, 2016 6:39pm
by cynthialee
The tombs of the Dark Pharaoh are sealed and guarded for good reason. He can not be killed. He can only be banished to his tombs and sealed against eternity. He is evil incarnate.
Yet there is a larger threat that looms. The Titan Lich Aceibiades has turned his eye to Daroka and will come across the dimensional rift to invade our universe soon.

Somewhere in the tomb of the Dark Pharaoh lays the Arcarian Crystal, a powerful relic that will assist the 5 Immortal Kings to defeat the Lich.

Queen Sasha of the Sky People has heard the stories of the Titan Lich and she has sworn her kingdom to the cause of the 5 Kings and she and her personal entourage will delve into the tomb of the Dark Pharaoh to retrieve the crystal, and hopefully avoid raising the ancient mummy.

Loremaster Notes:
This mission is folly. I never gave them any hints they needed to secure the crystal. They just know of its existence and have tracked down the location of the crystal. The heroes already have an even larger and more powerful Arcarian Crystal. It is powerful enough to defeat the Lich. They are worried about this second crystal just sitting out there, available to anyone who finds it....Their worry is that the Cult of Zayon, (who follow the Titan Lich as a god) will discover the crystal. Unknown to the heroes in play, Queen Sasha's grandmother and her praetorian guards sealed the Dark Pharaoh into his tomb with the very Acrarian crystal the heroes are seeking many years before. The Zayon Cult would never touch that crystal, they know about it and that it contains the Dark Pharaoh in his tomb. He is the one being that could potentially be a thorn in the side of their master. They know better. They heroes should know better. They have heard the stories about the times the Dark one has escaped his tomb. The whole world was impacted. It took great heroes a long hard time each time to get that dude sealed back into his tomb. The players know the history of my game world.
So what is going to happen is that they will enter the tomb, break the ancient seals and awaken the Dark Pharaoh. When they discover his chamber they will see him in a circle of power holding the Arcarian crystal and there will be a portal open in front of him. He will ponder the crystal, look at the heroes then he will cast the crystal aside and he will say in an ominous fashion "this is such a trifle of a trinket compared to what I now go to retrieve." As he walks through the portal he will say over his shoulder "When I return I expect you to be prepared to bow, or to give me war...Even Aceibiades will bow when I return." Then he will walk through the portal and it will collapse behind him, leaving the big question hanging "where did he go!?"

What the heroes should be doing is waiting for the signal from the 5 Kings to go and assault the Temple of Zayon. They should be plotting to assassinate or go to war with the queens cousin, the upstate and self proclaimed Molinda Queen of the Northern Sky Clans. They should be going to Trading Post City and cleaning out the Ork Mafia. They should be visiting local barons and counts and making good on this entire feudalism thing...

Silly fools....but this is what happens when you give players an open ended world full of challenges. Sometimes they just go and invent some quest out of whole cloth.