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Recommended Homebrew?

PostPosted: Saturday January 16th, 2021 10:53am
by Ragnar IronFist
I was wondering which of y’all’s homebrew rules For basic HQ would be most recommended for somebody looking to flesh out the game just a little, but while still keeping it simple for a guy about to bring his kiddo into the game? (Okay I just throw the kid under the bus. To be honest I’m a bit of a thickie when it comes to pouring through and remembering a lengthy rule omnibus, and it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in, so I forget what the popular choices are here)...but I AM gonna start playing with the 7 yo...

Oh and I do have a set Of those sweet multicolored HQ dice. Haven’t even tried them yet (And I forget whose rules those were even for...)

Re: Recommended Homebrew?

PostPosted: Saturday January 16th, 2021 11:02am
by whitebeard
The simplest way to extend HeroQuest without complicating any rules is to add more diverse artifacts. Not artifacts which over-power, but artifacts which more clearly define roles.

Re: Recommended Homebrew?

PostPosted: Saturday January 16th, 2021 11:29am
by Pancho
Hi Ragnar

You’ll probably get 100 different answers on this but this is my :2cents: . I find these flesh out the game really nicely without detracting from HQ’s main strength, the simple mechanics.

- Evil Wizard cards to make Morcar’s job a bit more interesting ... wizard.pdf (simple rules at the bottom of the link).

- Mind based rolls to activate Spell Scrolls (this makes mind points more useful as well as adding flavour to the Wizard’s game, as a sensible Hero party will give their scrolls to the Wizard) ... crolls.pdf

- each room can only be treasure searched ONCE in total, not once per Hero. However, each individual piece of furniture can also be searched once as well. This is a huge improvement to the treasure rules in my opinion, for a number of reasons.

Re: Recommended Homebrew?

PostPosted: Saturday January 16th, 2021 12:38pm
by Stig
I agree - look at showdown35's heroquest site and the evil wizard deck in my sig:

Re: Recommended Homebrew?

PostPosted: Saturday January 16th, 2021 3:48pm
by cynthialee
Replace finding traps and secret doors with the established rules and go with my variant
Roll your Mind Dice (Dwarf may add 4 Dice for Traps and Secret Doors rolls) and your character is looking for a Black Shield. Very simple mechanic.
I use Mind Rolls very extensively at my table. Northern Wastelands Barbie tends to just follow the other dudes and kill the enemy. :)

For removing Traps we use the same mechanic. If you have the Tool Belt it adds 4 Dice to your Mind Roll. Makes the Wizard a real powerhouse at dungeneering once he has tools. But those low Body Points tends to keep him from the Job.
A Tool Belt in the Hands of a Dwarf or a Merc Scout is a must for the most difficult of traps. Some traps are so complicated only a Scout or Dwarf with the tools can hope to disarm them.

I got a bunch other rules but you said kids and keep it simple....