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Descent Legends of the Dark

PostPosted: Saturday July 31st, 2021 1:55pm
by TVC-15
Alot of controversy surrounding this game, everything from criticism regarding the art direction to hate on the application. Personally im torn, i'm a huge fan of 2:ed and really want this version to be great. But my spider sense is tingling, and i cant really put my finger on why. I think its the silence, it's like they know it's going to crash and burn.
Is anyone here planning to pick this one up?

Re: Descent Legends of the Dark

PostPosted: Sunday August 1st, 2021 5:00pm
by arntisdale
I'm also a big Descent fan, but my experience is limited to 1e. From what I've read, I'm pretty sure 1e would be my preference over 2e, but anyway....
Regarding Legends of the Dark, all the actual reviews have been great, and every time I've heard from someone that's actually played the game, they said they really enjoyed it.
The art has it's own style, it doesn't really match the older descent art, but I'm fine with that. This seems more like a personal taste sort of thing, so you just gotta ask yourself if you like the art or not.
It will be app-driven, as in, you can NOT play the game without the app. I'm also okay with this, but there are some folks that this is a game-breaker for. Here as well, only you know if an app driven game will be right for you (did you check out the Return to Dark Tower KS?)
There seem to be a lot of angry nerds yelling angry things about this game, rating it as 1 on BGG without ever having played it. Personally, I'm just going to ignore that whole crowd.

I am planning on picking this one up, eventually.

Knowing how FFG and Descent have worked in the past, if I hang in there, the price will go down, they'll find little details that will be fixed in later reprints, clean up any bugs that exist in the app, write a FAQ for all those pesky what-ifs, and be ready to back it up with some epic expansions. By then, there should be some solid reviews from reviewers that are a bit more trustworty, not the venting angry nerd crowd or the ones that get $$$ to write/record reviews.

And besides, I have plenty to keep me busy while I keep an eye on this.

Re: Descent Legends of the Dark

PostPosted: Sunday January 15th, 2023 9:17pm
by BroccoliRage
I own it. I bought a promo copy that had been shipped to my buddy's shop.

It's the best HeroQuest expansion I've ever bought haha.

Let me explain what I mean. I've never actually played the game and don't intend to. But it comes with so much great furniture, dungeon tiles, and miniatures that are perfectly compatible with your HeroQuest stuff that it was worth it. So yeah, pick it up if only for that reason. Plus the box is really cool.

Re: Descent Legends of the Dark

PostPosted: Thursday January 19th, 2023 5:15pm
by BroccoliRage
I want to include an addendum.

The minis are bigger than the HQ rerelease, but it's not an insane difference, and if scale isn't important to you they are usable. I've taken the "bandits" from Descent and now my HQ party is being routinely ambushed by an Assassin's guild. The big bad guy demon like figure not only.looks great, and I'm really looking forward to painting him, but it perfect as a boss monster for your HQ games. The furniture looks pretty good and adds some variety.
The tiles are perfectly usable and add some variety in space.

Overall, I recommend buying it for these reasons alone. But, if you keep hold of the materials, you get an extra game to try later.