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Camo bomb and AOE damage

PostPosted: Monday August 27th, 2018 4:38am
by Maurice76
This weekend we played through two games of the bonus campaign as published in the White Dwarf editions (134 and 145), when an interesting situation came up. Early on in mission 3, I (as the Chaos player) had severly crippled the UltraMarines player, who was blocking off a doorway to prevent a Dreadnought from passing through the door. The Imperial Fist player, who had entered the same board section with him, could only blast the Dreadnought with his Heavy Flamer Terminator from such an angle that it would also inadvertently hit the UltraMarines player.

To prevent further crippling, though, the UltraMarines player had used his camo bomb to protect the units he still had left. At this point an argument was raised as to how the camo bomb affected the UltraMarines player's remaining units. That player argued that his Marines could not be damaged and the Imperial Fist player could open up on the Dreadnought. The Imperial Fist player argued that while I could not specifically target the UltraMarines units during my turn, they were far from impervious from harm and shooting with his Heavy Flamer would kill the two UltraMarines units if he rolled high enough to damage the Dreadnought. He decided not to shoot and instead give the UltraMarines player another shot at clearing the Dreadnought on his own turn (which he failed, by the way - he had some fantastic bad luck that game; against that Dreadnought he went man-to-man with a Marine and his Admiral and despite him rolling 3 and 4, I countered both with a roll of 7 of my own).

But it's an interesting question nonetheless: the card text implies the units can no longer be targeted, being invisible to the enemy. Yet, there is nothing indicating that they are impervious to harm - which would mean that when a player uses AOE fire (even if it's a Fusion Projector or Plasma Cannon), those units can still be hit. This can also lead to some weird situations, where the Chaos player shoots weapons that don't directly target enemy pieces, to hit units that are invisible during its turn. It severly reduces the value of the camo bomb, which is often used in hairy situations that feature the presence of such weapons in enemy hands.

And of course, in the above situation, the Dreadnought no longer saw any enemy units (as the Imperial Fist were off in the hallway, sideways), but it was still blocked from passing through the door - so it basically knew something was still in the way :P.