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Demonstration no.2

PostPosted: Friday October 9th, 2020 11:28am
by Azure
A friend of mine on STEAM - - TableTop Simulator - - showed me a new method of creating dungeons.
In my next HeroQuest campaign, the heroes won't only explore the same game board over and over again for 20 quests. No. It won't happen.
I decided that there will be a quest, or two, based on revisiting the original game board. However, 90 % of the game will happen in so many different places.

This setting will enable me to tell an Epic storyline with heroes moving from one part of the world to another, exploring dungeons.
They will encounter creatures and monsters based on specific fauna and environmental elements, relevant to the type of monsters living there.
Of course, there will be Fortresses and Castles, and Dark Dungeons, and other dangerous places.

Here, I am showing you what is possible using Tabletop Simulator with the ''ONE WORLD'' special method.
Somebody created a special function that allows you to populate a 2D map with extra spectacular 3D elevations, topographic designs and additional 3D assets.
Lighting effects can be awesome as well if you set a dark tone, and use torches.

Re: Demonstration no.2

PostPosted: Saturday October 10th, 2020 10:32am
by lestodante
WOW, this 3D dungeons look awesome.
Is there an option that allows you to reveal the dungeon as the player progress during the quest instead of showing the whole map from beginning?

Re: Demonstration no.2

PostPosted: Saturday October 10th, 2020 12:51pm
by Azure

Yes, there are multiple options to enable you to hide parts of the dungeon.

First, you can put flat black cards on top of the dungeon that act as a ''fake roof'' for the dungeon structure. Delete the roof, and reveal what is inside.

Second, you have the ''Fog of War'' that enables you to hide zones, and when you click and delete it, all the contents of the hidden zone are revealed.

Third, you have the ''Memory Bags'' - you put what you want inside (2 goblins, a skeleton, a fimir, a library, a treasure chest). You Setup the positioning of these things on the board. The bag will remember it all. Once a hero opens the door, you click PLACE on the bag - - all elements are immediately transported to their specific spot.

I'll add new demonstrations to this so you can understand what happens.