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My Player Setup // Table spot in TTS

PostPosted: Sunday October 4th, 2020 10:43pm
by Azure
Hello again. I'm showing you the configuration of each of my players' seats. This is all due to my HeroQuest 2.0 modifications, including shield-breaking, and devastating blows (better known as critical hits). A contributor named Raymond Calle on HeroQuest Discord created the items stripes ; the Belt Potions and the Equipment Slots. I searched online for images about Elements, to shape a ''spell holder'' than enables you to layout your spell cards to the corresponding element.
Mini note-pads are added at the player's disposal to help keep track of everything. The big notepad is very sketchy, because if you write a lot on it and you press a wrong key when you first click in it - - you might actually erase all your text by mistake !! The Character Sheet has multiple functions and interactions; you can increase or decrease your Body/Mind points with only a few clicks :) It also helps you keep track of the quests you've completed, items you possess and all that jazz.