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Spice Up Your Dungeon ! - PART 2

PostPosted: Saturday October 3rd, 2020 12:17pm
by Azure
Hello community !
As I am currently preparing my next official homebrew campaign, I am sharing content for a big bunch of cool ideas to spice up your dungeon. In my previous post ''Spice up your Dungeon'', I was adding various types of events, including Skull of Fate. This time, I am adding monster ideas - and it will be your job to determine their stats. I try to stay true to HeroQuest as much as I can, while adding content for a more immersive experience.

:goblin: - Goblins with slings (ranged attack - 6 squares max), 1 CD
:goblin: - Goblin archer, 2CD (8 squares range)
:goblin: - Goblin shaman (can cause 1 voodoo direct damage with the voodoo doll, line of sight)
:skeleton: - Skeleton warrior (less movement than skeleton, defends on white shields)
:zombie: - Ghoul (can lower your max BP for the quest, only possible once)
:orc: - Orc Champion (can attack twice and defends on white shields as well) - - - Courtesy of ChaosL00
:orc: - Orc Shield Breaker (uses a big flail, can damage/break a basic shield permanently for the remainder of the quest)
:fimir: - Lizardman (Fimir with a Spear !! - reach attack)
:mummy: - Mage Mummy (can cast sleep, fire of wrath, or some lightning spell)
:chaoswarrior: - Dark Marauder (attacks with 6 CD, has 4BP, no change to his defense)
:gargoyle: - Iron Gargoyle (more def and body, can use the halberd, added reach for attack, 7 defense dice)
:chaoswarrior: - Summoner (will be able to cast some curse spells, and summon 2 Chaos Warriors if not killed fast enough)

I currently played the Vanilla HQ yesterday and the team finished Quest 11, Bastion of Chaos. Using the normal equipment provided by the armory, and smart resource management (Gold), we were able to show good performance in combat, and the minions and monsters were almost no match for us.
We killed the Gargoyle at the end of the Quest in 1 single turn - - totally anti-climactic.

Therefore, this is justifying my homebrew stats for monsters following these rules :

:redorb: 1 extra body point for disposable mobs with low defense
:redorb: Defense using white shields for good combatants (advanced Orcs, and advanced Fimirs)
:redorb: Large monsters (Frozen Horror, Ogre, Gargoyle) will have an extra body point.
:redorb: Counterattack given to Chaos Warriors on a special die roll.
:redorb: Bosses will have 2 extra body points, and will have 2 extra defense dice and some bonus ability.

I'm gonna give a Fire-Breathing ability to the Gargoyle, along with the Whip (3 squares reach and diagonal attack)

Re: Spice Up Your Dungeon ! - PART 2

PostPosted: Saturday October 3rd, 2020 1:10pm
by Orc26
Our notched sword orcs had the special rule that they counted black shields as skulls when attacking. Our Zargon never payed any attention to which mini he was grabbing and it was always fun when one showed up (and much less fun when 3 showed up at the same time...)