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Quest 1: The Avenger Returns

PostPosted: Sunday November 4th, 2018 2:29pm
by wallydubbs
For those who wish to play the Solo Quests before going onto the group quests these quests are good as is for an experienced and fully equipped elf.
It won't hurt these quests to include a 5th hero in the form of the Female Elf to join force's with the rest of the heroes. In the later quests. So if you wish to play these first 3 solo quests with an unquipped female elf to catch up to the rest of the heroes, I've made suitable adjustments to this quest that should make these quests survivable.
My cousin and I playtested it a few times before I had my girlfriend give it a shot (fresh eyes) and here's how it turned out:
Starting off she chose Air spells, which she later determined to be a mistake. But she did play patiently, taking her time to thoroughly search for traps, treasure and secret doors. Turn order didn't really matter much when monsters weren't on the board.
Starting at the metal door, she went into the first room of the top left quadrant and killed the 2 goblins. A thorough search and she drew Holy Water from the treasure deck. The next room and a dead goblin later she found a Potion of Magical Aptitude from the deck and the 2 secret doors.
In the Southern door I removed the goblin and just left a Mummy and Sorcerer's Table in that room. To me, greenskins and undead don't mix unless there's a necromancer or some type of sorcerer controlling them. She used the holy water on the mummy. I allowed her to draw 2 spell scrolls from the Sorcerer's Table (from the expansion packs and created cards by drathe), to which she randomly picked Psychic Recovery and Ball of Flame.
In the last room ok this quadrant, after killing the orc I put 2 potions of Healing (4BP) and 1 Potion of Defence.
She took her time with searches and made it to the central room. Avoiding the falling block trap, she found a Potion of Recall in cupboard (I added tgat) and headed into the secret passage.
In the Southern rooms, after killing the 4 goblins, using a potion of healing and making all the necessary searches she found the Elixir of Life and drew a Wandering Monster card. I suggested she use the hit and run tactic, as a Mummy can only move 4 spaces. This worked well fee her, avoiding at least 1 attack.
She used Swift Wind to head back and called shenanigans as she went down the eastern hall and encountered her first Wandering Monster trap. After killing the mummy with hit and run tactics she made way to the upper right quadrant of the board.
She used her last potion of healing fighting the skeleton and mummy, but forgot to search for treasure.
She passed the room with the frozen undead and found tge secret door while getting a hazard card.
While in the tomb room she spotted the trap on the chest and specifically asked to search the tomb.
She found the Avenger but was disappointed as she completed her quest but found no gold to buy equipment. So she chanced the final chest, which was empty and awoke the undead in the adjacent room.
Low on body points I allowed her to use the Avenger to fight them, giving her a double attack on undead.
Afterwards she searched the room previously forgotten and fouund a Potion of Healing from the treasure deck.

So the spell scrolls weren't really necessary to her success, but I think it might come in handy for the next solo quest.

If anyone else attempts this quest with an uneqipped Elf feel free to make similar changes.

Re: Quest 1: The Avenger Returns

PostPosted: Monday December 23rd, 2019 4:10pm
by Kurgan
This was helpful and I thought I'd share my own experience modifying the quest. After a nearly disastrous first attempt playing Solo (Elf chose fire spells), which ended in a draw (the player walked away when she was down to 1 body point against a Mummy after a series of bad rolls), I pulled out all the stops for a "couple" quest.

Two players each controlling 1 Hero and 1 Mercenary (a Scout). I gave them champion level perks (Barbarian got 2 black dice with any sword, Elf got a random Spell Scroll draw at the start). Since they were unequipped, I gave them each a random Equipment draw and both got a piece of Armor (Elf got Chainmail, Barbarian got Cloak). Both Mercs actually did better than the Heroes in terms of rolls, killing a lot of monsters, and they were not used as fodder (since they moved after the Heroes). They took the long way around to the Avenger, and the Mercs died. Since there were no Toolkits, I let them use the Elixir of Life to revive one of them to disarm the chest trap and the monsters were not activated. I was tempted to activate them anyway to force a retreat, but it was late and so with all the rooms explored, all treasures found, I let them just end the quest in victory even though they didn't roll all the way to the door. I would have allowed the Avenger to be used as a 3 black dice weapon had the monsters in the final room activated. I also would have allowed the Sorceror's Table to be a 1 spell recharge for the elf with a treasure search (not used).

Overall they got lucky with the potions and worked together very well. I used Evil Wizard Cards but wasn't super aggressive with them (I got a few unlucky draws there, most of them were situations involving Chaos spells so not usable). I did get a Chaos Combat card to put on an unblockable monster ambush but no Hero kills. I played dumb for the bad guys at once point and lost 1 of my two goblins going down the "trap door."

Overall it goes to show what a change it is with more Hero team body points. I rewarded the Elf with the Bracers and the Barbarian with the Elven Chain Mail.
Like you, I would love to try it again Solo with some extra bonuses and have it be challenging but winnable. If I played it with two Heroes again, I'd probably go with the chance of having Elite Monsters (roll 1 dice for each revealed Game System monster, black shield means the monster uses all black dice to attack, all blue to defend -- not counting wandering monsters).