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Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 11:47pm
by Kurgan
I think it's amazing that he is the only good npc in the Game System. Looking back, I had forgotten that these many such characters appear only in the later expansions and published quests. The GS was so cool in that, as others have pointed out, pretty much every quest introduced some new gimmick, helping to get the creative juices going (for your own homebrew quests) and preventing it from getting repetitive as you fight your way to the showdown with the Witch Lord.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Thursday January 21st, 2021 5:29pm
by wallydubbs
I've only played this quest with 3 different groups and found that only once did the heroes end up setting off the alarm.

Because I don't want my heroes dying, I assess their body points before adding any additional monsters.

If it looks like they're close to death and the Wizard had already used his Healing spells, I'll end it right there. But if the heroes don't seem battle hardened, I'll add a secret door to one of the rooms in the Northwest quadrant with an additional group of monsters.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Thursday January 21st, 2021 5:36pm
by The Admiral
Meh! That's just the way it can fall. The alarm sounds, but there is no one left alive to react.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Thursday January 21st, 2021 10:42pm
by Kurgan
If all the monsters are dead, you could announce "reinforcements will be on the way in... (rolls a red die)... 4 of my turns..." then start sending in a group of Orcs, let's say, through a trapdoor, Iron door, or secret door from some previously empty or shaded area.

And keep the bonus dice for these bad guys (blue/black) AND keep the Evil Wizard cards going (maybe give them a reprieve on these until the turns are up), that ought to give them something to do.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Thursday January 21st, 2021 11:20pm
by DullandRusty
I did three things to make this quest more fun (in my opinion)

1. Add a red herring. I placed another prisoner that somewhat resembles the description I gave of Ragnar in the room before the secret room. If they didn't ask his name (which my group didn't), they start to get distracted by him instead of the muffled sounds of screams from Ragnar being tortured. My group led the herring out only to learn at the end that he wasn't Ragnar based upon him really not wanting to go back to the empire ( he was a wanted criminal). They then had to go back and grab Ragnar.

2. Ragnar is on a death timer...healing buys time, but he is still bleeding out. So them taking longer to clear the whole dungeon resulted in a mad dash to get him out as he is only alive for so many rounds from when the quest starts.

3. I also add a second that is clear of monsters (the herring tipped them to the presence of a second exit). This exit is of course trapped with enough arrows to ensure that if Ragnar is in the room he will take the point of damage needed to kill him (and damage the heroes). They then have to take his corpse so it isn't defiled by the orcs.

If he dies, that leads into the unofficial quest in a town where the heroes are recovering... The town is somber seeing Ragnar's corpse come in...then at night cultists steal his body and take it to the woods to perform a revive ritual to revive him tainted with chaos.... The heroes can stop it if they get there soon enough. I tend to have him revived but not tainted if they get there soon enough and defeat the cultists.
However, while at first he seems normal, he soon starts displaying erratic behavior. He will go with them on the orc warlord quest...wanting revenge, he will brutally behead the orc warlord. This starts his journey towards darkness and eventual betrayal.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Thursday January 21st, 2021 11:53pm
by Kurgan
Interesting stuff... I like the creative ideas!

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Friday August 13th, 2021 6:55pm
by Daedalus
About healing Ragnar, someone brought up in another thread that the text of Healing spells only applies to a player/Hero. A Potion of Healing is a bit more ambiguous, as "you" drink it, but I'd still say that means player/Hero. However, Room B has a Potion of Healing that could work since the notes don't specify who drinks it.

Re: Rescue of Sir Ragnar: The anti-climax ??

PostPosted: Sunday August 15th, 2021 4:58pm
by iKarith
I need to point out that Kurgan not only used a map that made the return if I recall correctly a good distance away and not merely a secret door, every single turn he spawned two orcs at the entrance. AND he had evil wizard cards he'd been building up until that point. By the time I found Ragnar, yeah, every monster was dead, so you could've called it over at that point because we'd seen all there was to see. But there were 8 orcs between us and the exit before we got out into the hallway leading to the exit!

Of course this wasn't our first quest after the Trial… It wound up being our third or fourth overall, and we'd managed to pull a fair amount of gold out that we'd put into a crossbow for the dwarf and armor for everyone else. The barbarian had Borin's Armor because that was the my introductory quest … so we were a bit OP.

It was NOT easy, and not intended to be. It was an absolute massacre! It made the next couple of quests absolutely easy after that because we'd amassed so much gold, had absolutely concluded that armor was more useful than weapons were, and these heroes the value of the crossbow.

Had we played it straight from the start, the heroes would not have survived. Ragnar would be dead, and so would they. But … because we came in with gear, we just butchered every greenskin we could get our hands on.