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Revolving room

Discuss the Rules of HeroQuest as set out by Milton Bradley Game Systems and Quest Packs.

Re: Revolving room

Postby Davane » Monday November 23rd, 2020 10:26am

I always treated the Revolving Room as follows:

There's only one door inside the room, but there's four exits outside the room. The room itself is constantly revolving, but the rate and direction aren't constant, and the Heroes can't sense that the room is moving whilst inside the room. The doorway itself is cloaked in magical darkness, so cannot be seen through the doorway out of the room. So it's only when the Heroes try and leave the room, that they roll to see what outer exit they actually leave by. For convenience, whilst inside the room, the exit is always the one shown on the room (I normally orientate it so that the exit is to the south).

Bear in mind the rule that a hero or monster cannot enter the same square during their turn, and therefore can't enter and leave a room through the same door. Even though, technically, if the room was revolving, then stepping into and out of the room would be possible, as you aren't necessarily exiting the room to the same square, I enforce it as if the room wasn't revolving.

If the exit is blocked, then the Hero cannot move into or out of the revolving room. However, Heroes can fight in melee out of the revolving room, if they are standing by the exit, and the exit roll leads to a blocked square. Essentially, it's like the Hero tries to move out of the Revolving Room, but can't because of a Monster, so instead attacks out of the room before it revolves again.

When returning to the Revolving Room, no matter what door the Heroes enter by, they enter the room itself from the South. This is because, to the Hero, the doorway would line up, and the Hero wouldn't have any real way of knowing that they didn't enter from the South.

If I am bothering to rotate the Revolving Room, then I will rotate it only AFTER the Hero has made their roll to leave the room, or when a Hero tries to enter the Room.

Monsters cannot enter the Revolving Room, simply because I always assume the doorway is never lined up for them when they want to move. However, Monsters can be in the room, and can leave the room, as the doorway has to be aligned with at least one exit. That means a wandering monster can chase a Hero out of the room, but the Hero can then lose them by moving back into the Revolving Room on a later turn.

Oh, and Pass Through Rock cannot be used to enter or exit the Revolving Room.

The other way of doing it, however, is like with the Revolving Room in AHQ, except that instead of rolling to see which direction the room turns in during Morcar's turn, you roll to see where the Room ends up leading to until the start of Morcar's next turn. I normally use this option if I am playing with younger or novice gamers.

I don't see the purpose of the Revolving Room as neccessarily splitting up the party, but rather, simply making it harder for the party to progress. Hence the lite version of the Revolving Room. Of course, splitting up the party is fun, so I normally take the more complex approach.
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Re: Revolving room

Postby Kurgan » Tuesday March 16th, 2021 5:07pm

Sjeng wrote:
knightkrawler wrote:
el_flesh wrote: I think I might use my exacto to pare off the black edges from the rotating room tile - so that it's round and can be freely rotated in the middle of the game to add realism! woo hoo.

You could also make a teensy little hole in the middle of that particular room in the gameboard or whatever you play on and pushpin the revolving room in there.

Just cut out the square on cardboard for the tile twice, cut out the printed tile around the circle, glue the edges on the bottom one, and use a pin on the circle part. It will be twice as thick as a normal tile, but it will revolve :D

Cool idea, I may do this... not on my original, but on the copies! Maybe with a very small pin or two sided clasp (so as not to marr the board underneath).
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