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PostPosted: Wednesday December 28th, 2022 3:07pm
by Kurgan
skyrisk wrote:Is there a way to download the app on an android smartphone if you live in Greece? It says it's not available in my area and vpn also will not work since I don't have a us google account.

Try the VPN anyway. But you could use the VPN to get a "US" google account too I suppose...


PostPosted: Thursday December 29th, 2022 2:58am
by skyrisk
I tried that but it requires a US mobile number in order to recognise me as a US google account user as far as Playstore is concerned. I tried with nord vpn.


PostPosted: Thursday December 29th, 2022 9:25am
by Kurgan
Pretty sure I saw tutorials online about how to sign up for a gmail account without a phone number. Would it work? Not sure, but worth a try...


PostPosted: Tuesday January 10th, 2023 11:20am
by Kurgan
So there hasn't been an update of the App for awhile (latest version I have is v1.61). I imagine it will probably update around the official release date of the MOTM remake (which is 5 days from now even though it has been shipping for about a month already).

In the past we've gotten "bridge quests" online also around the time but the app updates sometimes lag behind the other releases. Snapshot of the android (googleplay) version below, running in bluestacks 5.


PostPosted: Monday January 23rd, 2023 3:43am
by Kurgan
Is there an errata sheet for the App? I was messing around with 1.62 and noticed some things...

There was the well known issue that moving into solid rock while having pass through rock cast on your character instantly killed you. In fact if you keep your "finger there" (or the cursor held down) you can linger there and then change direction to get to safety, but if you lift off of the button the app thinks you "ended your movement" and your character dies.

But beyond that a few I hadn't before:

The Bard hero's profile text says his starting weapon is a dagger.
Should be the Rapier (see the hero card).

The Rogue hero's profile text says his starting mind points are 2.
They should be 4 (see the hero card).

Sir Ragnar (Game system Quest 2)'s profile text says his movement is 2 squares.
Should be 1 red die.

Veil of Mist allows you to pass through monsters. However, since the "door opening" mechanic requires that you stand in front of the door (the dialog appears asking if you want to open it) if there is ANY figure standing in front of the closed door, including a monster, you can't pass through. You have to "kill" the monster to then pass into that square to open the door.

Not so much an error just an omission... clicking on the Bard and then clicking "attack" says his starting weapon, the Rapier (see, there it is correct, whereas elsewhere it says the dagger is his starting weapon!) is shown to be able to hit diagonally. The app doesn't mention that it can also strike adjacently (not meant to be exhaustive?). Similarly the Wizard's profile mentions his starting weapon the dagger (the dagger is starting weapon for some other characters too... the Druid and the Rogue) can hit adjacent squares, but doesn't mention that if thrown it can hit far distant squares and (technically, see the Crossbow controversy) can hit the four orthogonally adjacent squares.

If your hero is standing in a corridor at a "crossroads" the app doesn't make a distinction between which corridor is being searched (I guess it searches them both at the same time? do other people play that way already?).

If your hero is standing in a corridor, and opens a door... and inside the room he just revealed, there are monsters, he is unable to search the corridor he's in for traps or secret doors. If you can see any monsters, you're unable to use these searches. I was informed that is actually how the game is supposed to work, but I also saw that if you are in one room and open a secret door into another room, and can see monsters through the door, you are able to search for everything. Is this a special case because it's a secret door?

Now if you're in a room and looking through a normal door and can see monsters (line of sight I mean here) you are allowed to search for treasure, but not secret doors or traps. However if another hero is "in the way" (blocked LOS) you can search for traps and secret doors again.

I tested another theory wherein if you have a wall of heroes blocking LOS between the searcher and the monsters IN THE SAME ROOM, then you cannot search for anything. However I think this should be a legal move (where traps and secret doors are concerned) though the app doesn't allow it (and it seems a little silly, most Zargons would probably be annoyed with heroes who tried this as it feels like a loophole).

Possible spoilers:

Game System Quest 2: Sir Ragnar hitting the stairs ends the quest. Technically you're supposed to exit the quest after him to win (meaning you can hang around killing monsters and clearing out the treasure). Another area where the honor system can be used if you have the physical board, to enjoy the game more fully if you wish!

In Return of the Witch Lord, Quest 10, you are safe from the WL boss if you stand in the upper left corner of the staircase. He won't follow you there (though I ran there after he had run out of dread spells, he might still be able to target you with them).

This isn't an error, just interesting and makes sense... a hero under the "Command" Dread Spell doesn't trigger traps and can safely traverse pits, etc. (he's "moving as a monster" after all). I haven't tested to see how he reacts to hero spells/artifacts in that state yet.

One nice little thing I noticed... if you are ever wanting to "check line of sight" you can do this by the "Use artifact" button and choose the "Rod of Telekinesis." It will say "no line of sight" and you can use this knowledge to apply to whatever else you wanted.

Considering all the many variables (not just all the voice acting and new art that obviously went into it) I have to give much more credit to the designers of this app than I would have before!

Edit: I see that the App lets you change languages (English, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), French (France), and now Polish... but while the text changes, the narration is still all in English. I suppose all that voice acting would cost even more time & money...


PostPosted: Monday January 23rd, 2023 5:48am
by Kurgan
I had a hero who was inside a pit trap... granted while the app recognizes that you can search the pit as a room unto itself for treasure, a monster in the wider room can still be "seen" and this prevents a treasure search. However if the only monster in the room is also "asleep" it prevents a search. I guess that's just how we played... the sleeping monster shouldn't prevent searches in my humble opinion, but some may have played it the other way as literally the monster is still there and can be "seen."

If a hero dies in an empty room or corridor, their equipment and items are "lost forever" the app doesn't say anything about other heroes being able to go to the location to retrieve them (before a monster claims them).

This might be an issue of emulation and not the app itself, but if I have my computer volume turned up loud but I turn the volume slider for the voice and music all the way to the left (as if it were volume zero) it isn't actually muted... I can still hear that audio very faintly. Can anyone confirm running on a real iphone, android or tablet device running the real OS?


PostPosted: Monday January 23rd, 2023 8:14am
by HispaZargon
Kurgan wrote:I had a hero who was inside a pit trap... granted while the app recognizes that you can search the pit as a room unto itself for treasure, a monster in the wider room can still be "seen" and this prevents a treasure search. However if the only monster in the room is also "asleep" it prevents a search. I guess that's just how we played... the sleeping monster shouldn't prevent searches in my humble opinion, but some may have played it the other way as literally the monster is still there and can be "seen."

Good question. My first opinion is the hero may perform searches if there is a slept monster in the room, however, what happens if the monster is onto a square with a undiscovered trap? Is it discovered or not? Well, this could explain why the room must be empty of monsters according to the searching official rules, including treasure searchs (imagine there is a special treasure in the hands of a monster, if it is slept it means you can find it and take it from the monster? I think it should not be posible).

If the hero is inside a pit, yes, I think he can search it for treasure if there is aslept monster outside.

In general terms my interpretation is the hero needs calm around him and concentration to make any search (treasure or traps), so the presence of a monster, even if it is slept, I think do not contribute to it.


PostPosted: Monday February 20th, 2023 3:55am
by Kurgan
What's in the Companion App as of the current version 1.62?

Create up to 12 (?) parties of 1-4 heroes. Each "party" has a save slot for the current quest (have to "exit" to automatically save). *
- Game System (14 quests)
- Kellar's Keep (10 quests)
- Return of the Witch Lord (10 quests)
- Frozen Horror (10 quests) - can hire up to 12 mercenaries, quests 1-3 are for the barbarian only (rest of party sits out). has blue fog instead of green.
- Pulse Exclusives (3 quests - New Beginnings, Forsaken Tunnels of Xor Xel, Into the Northlands - the latter with blue fog and a solo quest that adds an animal companion)

The four GS heroes, five alternate heroes from the pledge version, three mythic heroes, two guardian knights, two rogue heirs of elethorn, alternate barbarian from frozen horror.
Only one of each character type in a party (1-4 heroes).

The mythic heroes all have their spells and weapons. Many objects are on the "honor system." Monster movement and attacks are automated, but their defend dice and hero defend dice are up to you (you can auto kill monsters and add damage to them). Basically anything that heals you, attacks an enemy with combat dice or buffs the attack or defend dice of a hero or increases his movement requires the player to do it himself, the app does nothing.

Despite you being forced to choose an order for heroes, you can click around and take the turns in any order you want, and even skip turns for Zargon or the heroes (honor system). The quest can be played in any order and you can skip to the one you want in any pack (after you exit from the one you are playing). But each "party" only saves your spot in one quest, so create a new party in order to save another quest at the same time without losing your progress in the other one.

All of the Artifacts from the GS are included, but none of the extra Artifacts from Crypt of Perpetual Darkness (none of the Mythic Quests are included, nor the free online quest "Rogar's Hall"). The Mage of the Mirror Quests are not yet included (nor the second alternate Elf or his spells, artifacts, etc) YET.

Equipment cards are not included (no potions are included... Treasure searches require the Treasure deck to draw, only Wandering Monsters are chosen once you click that button).

So you'll need Equipment, Treasure, about half the Artifacts and a third of the spells plus your dice and character sheets (or pencil & paper) to use it properly.

Although the Guardian Knight is included, none of his cards are displayed (though prompts do occur), neither are those of the Rogue Heir (since his abilities are all passive, it helps to have the real cards to refer to).

The Rod of Telekinesis can be used to find LOS in a lot of situations. As mentioned there is no option to remix quests, they are laid out the same as in the printed (or PDF) versions. The assets for each expansion are confined to that expansion and the GS assets (though I think they still fudge it in places, like how the Frozen Horror quests call for more doors than exist in the GS box).

Lots of little interesting things. I like that the App is free and uses the honor system because it allows a lot of homebrew house rules and provides wiggle room to decide things we debate about.

There's a toggle for "intangible furniture" so you can pass through it if you need to or want to, and a "Yeti Hug" break toggle that lets you roll dice to escape (the Frozen Horror quests prevent the Yeti hug effect from working at all in the solo quests... and with "Into the Northlands" the hug will work until Snowdasher the animal companion dies, then the Barbarian cannot be hugged anymore).

You can modify the stats of the heroes on their card profile (giving them up to 20 BP for example) and the same with Sir Ragnar. Monsters can be given up to 15 BP worth of damage (removing them from the board is voluntary though there is a prompt whenever the monster sustains enough damage to kill them normally). You can change the name of the hero (sort of... the barbarian could be renamed Sir Steve for example). The voice acting by Mentor/Zargon is in English, regardless of what language you select. You can lower the volume on the music and voices (though at least in BlueStacks emulator, if your pc volume is up and the volume sliders in the App are at their lowest, you can still hear this audio faintly).

* I was able to create 12 parties, but it gets harder and harder to "drag" the screen up to click the "new" button. This might be a problem with the emulator, but see how many you can create.


PostPosted: Thursday February 23rd, 2023 10:35pm
by Kurgan
Another HQ App update...

Errata-wise, in Quest 8 of the Frozen Horror one of the hints talks about Ice Gremlins and "stollen" (misspelling of "stolen") gear. Oops!

Sometimes you can cast on targets that have blocked line of sight (such as when an ally is standing between you and the target).

I fought a few test battles against the Frozen Horror in the quest where he appears, and oddly it seems he always has the same exact set of Dread spells (and uses them in almost the same order, at least if you use the same tactics, I tried with different parties of heroes and different heroes confronting him to draw his fire). He of course has all of the new "ice" dread spells, but from the Game System (the quest book says he can't use "Escape") he never uses Command, Firestorm, Summon Undead, Ball of Flame or Cloud of Dread. I could see them skipping three of those because they're so powerful (and yet there are other bad guys that use those spells in the official quests so it's not like they haven't programmed them yet) and I could imagine someone arguing that an icy guy like that shouldn't use fire (why not? there are a few ways for the heroes to completely are mostly block ice attacks) but "Summon Undead" seems much more appropriate than "Summon Orcs." Even the draft notes point out that the Frozen Horror's plan all along was to murder the heroes and turn them into undead slaves just like he did the last great hero who defeated him.

The Frozen Horror's "Chill" spell is bugged (but in his favor). While the text says that it only does 1 BP (unblockable of course), I used the Ancient Staff (see below) to rebound this spell against him and he took TWO skulls of damage. Also he was able to cast it on me from across the room (it's supposed to be a move he can only use against adjacent targets... remember also he can attack diagonally but not with this spell as it says on the card).

Not an errata, but interesting to note that sometimes the "Ring of Return" has interesting effects as it may not teleport you and your nearby allies to the starting door, but to the spiral staircase (if there is one in the quest) which of course can be useful! Having the Ring to use anytime is useful for debugging if you need to get the heroes to the starting area (or stairs) in a hurry.

In version 1.70 I don't see any corrections for what I've mentioned above, just the addition of the Mage of the Mirror (Elf Quest Pack with the accompanying male Elf hero) added, which admittedly is a big addition we were all waiting for! It does seem like many artifacts were once in here (as "see card for instructions") but these placeholders and art were removed (to save memory?). A generic line of texts says "not listed? see card for instructions" etc.

The Elf spells are here! And yes, Twistwood is quite powerful (I twisted the Frozen Horror's axe meaning his attack was permanently reduced to 1 combat die!). The Elf's "Flashback" spell is a nice "undo" feature, though the Elf has to be in the party (and alive) to use it, obviously.

The new additions are vast... the "Use Artifact" was now moved in each hero profile to a new section under "Use Special" which leads to "Use Artifact" "Use Equipment" and "Use Treasure" !

Use Artifact adds the Ancient Staff ("see instructions on card" though it triggers automatically for some, but not all Dread spells... for example it does nothing against Ice Storm or Lightning bolt despite these being attack spells directed at the hero, otherwise it kicks in automatically and asks if you want to use the artifact to reverse the attack on the enemy). This was not intended to be found in the Frozen Horror obviously (though what order you play these packs is up to you), so it has some interesting effects on the Frozen Horror. I rebounded his Sleep spell back on him and he only got ONE attempt to "break" the spell. He was permanently asleep! I was able to leave for the second part of the two parter quest via the spiral staircase and return (and he was awake again), but that was it. I guess an easy win for the good guys if he pulls that one! But the Frozen Horror, while it was fun to see him moving as if he was a one square character instead of four (his sprite will overlap that of the person he's attacking in a corridor as if your mini is resting on his base) he doesn't seem to use his spells very intelligently. He used "Rust" for example against my Wizard, doing of course nothing (the notes for Rust in the app say that only unequipped metal swords or helmets get rusted... since when? that makes it very weak I'd say!).

Also added is the "Bone Wand." It works as expected (controlled skeletons can move and attack, don't interact with traps, and can open doors) but also works on skeletons in the same corridor with the one who uses it. Controlling monsters is interesting, but they behave pretty much like mercenaries from what I could tell. They can't search for anything, can't use artifacts or spells, etc. You only get to control them for one turn (unless you're cheating, I tested to see how far I could go, I picked a quest where the Wandering Monster was a skeleton and I worked my way up to an army of 12 boneheads that I was sending around, obviously this wouldn't happen in a regular game). Like hero attacks you'll be rolling for them and the defense for their victims anyway. You can cast helpful spells (and certain artifact effects or the one available potion) just as you can on mercenaries or Sir Ragnar (as before, you can't make Sir Ragnar capable of attacking no matter how much you tinker with his stats). The only monster tinkering you can do is to lower their mind points all the way to zero (or raise them to their normal starting amount), and then add or take away skulls (up to 15 can be added to any one and they don't die until you say they should).

I'm not sure how the "Treasure Without Doom" artifact works as its not listed and doesn't seem to kick in automatically when searching for treasure in the room with a known (and not disarmed) furniture trap...

"Use Equipment" has only one item... the Potion of Vision (an Elf only potion) that lets him automatically see trap (the red "suspicious" zargon tile) squares and also secret doors within line of sight.

"Use Treasure" features the Elven Cloak of Passage which is strictly enforced as ONLY the Elf (other heroes who try to use it get a "no line of sight" message). There is an error here as it was intended to work the same way as "Pass Through Rock" scroll (only it could be used 3 times) as it doesn't let you pass through blocked squares (or double blocked squares or sprung falling rock trap rubble) while the Spell Scroll lets you do that. Instead you can only walk through the white walls and through closed doors (regular or secret) or portcullises (without having to open them first). It also has Wolfsbane potion and Potion of Air Walk. Interestingly you can "use" a potion on another hero. Since you can't "give" potions to other heroes (or give them to mercs) this is a way to get an ally you can see to have the ability. In the base game you normally have to be adjacent to your fellow (and not adjacent to a monster) to give it. Instead it is more like you casting a spell on them. So technically an error, but allows for more flexibility in the game I think.

You can now adjust the MIND points of monsters. This only ever comes up when you use the Ancient Staff to reverse say, Mind Freeze dread spell. A monster that is reduced to 0 mind points (and didn't start out with 0 as in an undead) doesn't behave any differently that I could tell from one with full mind points. Though it also lets you check what monsters that show "?" for their mind points actually have.

And yes, the Ogres are 5 body points now but you can just add damage to them (and say "no" when prompted to remove them from the board as killed once they hit 5 skulls of damage) up to the old 10 if you want (monsters can be given up to 15 skulls worth of damage and even then you don't have to remove them unless you say "yes" or click the "kill" icon in their profile). And yes, I checked, you can actually kill the Witch Lord with the Spirit blade before anyone actually finds it (if for whatever reason you needed to, or just for laughs). Honor system, remember?

It felt like a lot of things were missing this time around, but I guess I can understand why. Most of the things we're talking about affect the heroes' attack or defend dice or movement, and those are all things you handle on the honor system (any player character or good guy ally can move up to 12 squares at a time, and they keep having more movement and more actions until you decide to pass to the next turn). They also could save memory by not having to scan the card images into the menus. I'm a little disappointed it doesn't show these other cards just for reference though (similar to the abilities of the Rogue and Knight, which only show up as popups when the App thinks they should apply in reaction to something).

The "Elf" items are strictly enforced... anything that says "allows the/an Elf" is automatically only available to the elf (or it says "no line of sight" for anyone else) even if only a few of these say "only the elf" in the card text. I like the "purple" fog of war (Frozen Horror had blue fog, as did its prequel "Into the Northlands" and everything else has green fog) gives it a unique image and highlights its feminine theme (remember the original star was the female elf, going to save the child princess from the evil sister on behalf of the "good" queen).

I like that the Mercenaries are taken wholesale from the Frozen Horror's group quests and used freely in this one as well starting in Quest 4. They are the same exact look, abilities, price, and distributions (you can hire up to 3 of each of the 4 types for a total of 12, in any distribution or all by one hero, for the total gold price of 900, which of course is on the honor system if you happen to say you've found the warhorn of command it would only be 450!). The Elf spells are always available in the Elf hero's profile, even if he's playing in the Game System quests (but the Mercs aren't available anywhere other than these two packs). The Artifacts, Treasure, and Equipment also appear whatever section you are playing in.

The new male Elf hero card has a "copyright 2023 Hasbro" tag on it.

Still no "Rogar's Hall." :(

But this pack has a lot more tools to play with, including some useful debugging features for the rest of the official quests within it (like using Flashback as an "undo" feature as long as the elf is alive, or the bone wand to move skeletons around, potion of vision to see where traps are and the Potion of Airwalk to float over them, even wandering monster traps).

As was pointed out we haven't gotten any new online "bridge" quest to go with this pack (maybe they are waiting for Rise of the Dread Moon later this year to release such a freebie? There is no "animal companion" that you can use in solo quests (then again, "Snowdasher" wasn't usable in the Barbarian frozen horror quests either, despite that being a suggestion from Into the Northlands, I guess there you can't rely on the app for everything).

Re: Companion App - History, Reviews, Privacy data

PostPosted: Friday April 14th, 2023 4:35pm
by Kurgan
I forgot about the "Undo" feature under "settings." I actually got it to break by starting a new group quest, moving the Barbarian forward (but not taking any action) and clicking undo. It didn't work. So I guess you have to actually "end" the person's turn to be able to undo it, or it gets stuck in a loop and you have to close/reset the app...

I have thus far only been looking for info on the Google Play store... but recently checked the Apple "App Store" and found this version history timeline (the app is still free and may still require a VPN and possibly a new "google account" in order to install from certain countries): [version history and some reviews for fun!]

Version History
Mar 8, 2023
Contains content updates and bug fixes.

Feb 22, 2023
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the Expansion Set: The Mage of the Mirror. Now digital Zargon can guide you through these additional adventures in the Elvan kingdom. But tread carefully my friends, Zargon is lurking behind many of the perils you must face. Your ongoing adventures await!
New Feature: Undo a hero's last move by selecting "UNDO" in the "Settings" menu
Fixes: Mercenaries can now correctly travel with Heroes between Frozen Horror Quest 9 & 10

Jan 19, 2023
Added Polish language to Core Set content.

Oct 13, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the Hero characters – The Rogue of Elethorn & The Commander of the Guardian Knights. Now expand your party’s skills and strengths by including these two unique and truly heroic characters in your adventures. But tread carefully my friends, Zargon and his minions are well prepared for heroes such as these. Your ongoing adventures await in the world of HeroQuest!

Oct 5, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the Hero characters – The Rogue of Elethorn & The Knight of. Now expand your party’s skills and strengths by including these two unique and truly heroic characters in your adventures. But tread carefully my friends, Zargon and his minions are well prepared for hearos such as these. Your ongoing adventures await in the world of HeroQuest!

Sep 12, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the Pulse Exclusive Online quests: Into the Northlands. Now digital Zargon can guide you through this additional adventure in the frozen Northland. But tread carefully my friends. There are many hidden dangers and deadly monsters along the way. Your ongoing adventures await in the world of HeroQuest!

Aug 16, 2022
Contains updates and bug fixes

Aug 1, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have once again updated the Companion App to now support the FROZEN HORROR Expansion Set. Welcome to the Northlands. Where digital Zargon will guide you through the frigid depths of Ice Mountain - stronghold of the Frozen Horror and his minions. You must call upon all your courage and skill mighty heroes, because there are many new dangers and deadly monsters awaiting you along this path. Your ongoing adventures await in the world of HeroQuest!

Jul 12, 2022
Contains content updates and bug fixes

May 25, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the Pulse Exclusive Online quests: The Beginnings and The Forsaken Tunnels of Xor-Xel. Now digital Zargon can guide you through these additional adventures. But tread carefully my friends. There are many hidden dangers and deadly monsters along the way. Your ongoing adventures await in the world of HeroQuest!

Jan 31, 2022
HeroQuest Fans, our latest update contains the much requested Landscape Mode feature. You can now toggle on the Landscape view in the App’s settings menu. Also included in this update are numerous bug fixes and general App improvements. Thank you for your support with the HeroQuest game and keep the feedback coming!

Jan 1, 2022
HeroQuest players, we have updated the Companion App to now include the quest packs: Kellar’s Keep and Return of the Witch Lord. Now digital Zargon can guide you through these expanded adventures. But tread carefully my friends. There are hidden dangers and deadly monsters along the way. Many adventures await in the HeroQuest world!

Nov 22, 2021
Meet your new Game Master.
Bug fixes and improvements

Nov 15, 2021

App Store Preview

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
HeroQuest - Companion App 9+
Hasbro, Inc.

3.9 • 131 Ratings



Meet your new Game Master. The free HeroQuest Companion App allows you to run your next tabletop game session so everyone can play as heroes! The app takes on the role of Zargon using the onscreen quest map.

Additional features include:

• Narrated quest instructions, sound effects, and dungeon atmosphere

• Dangers are revealed as the heroes explore dungeons

• Quest events are tracked along with game progress

• Players can record character Mind and Body Points digitally in-app

• Spells and artifact effects are cast and triggered on screen

• New players are guided through key aspects of gameplay such as movement, actions, searching for treasure, and more

What’s New
Mar 8, 2023
Version 1.71
Contains content updates and bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews
3.9 out of 5
131 Ratings
GraemeHenson ,
App works well, small wishlist

On the whole, the companion app does what it needs to, allows you to play solo or co-op mode without a GM/Zargon player, so it goes well with the game as is. There’s a few things I would wish for:

• Allow saving your game. I have a dedicated gaming space, but frequently get called away and pick up/drop games for days at a time until I get free time again. If you run a game on this, you have to finish in one sitting or else that game is essentially “lost” by the app and you need to start over. Being able to save out would be fantastic.

• Add campaigns for Spirit Queen’s Torment, Prophecy of Telor, and Crypt of Perpetual Darkness. These were part of the crowdfunding campaign, so maybe they’re exclusives or planned for later on, but it’d be nice to have app support for those.

• Quest designer: this is probably a big ask, but would be fantastic to be able to make & play custom content. You’d basically be getting the community to generate content for you, vastly increasing fan interaction and people would likely start porting over 20+ years worth of homebrew content.

King Kornholio ,
Needs Work

The end turn button is just there to make you feel better. It doesn’t really add much functionality or make you feel like it’s does anything. Both apps are designed for phones. The google version is unusable on a chrome book even when it doesn’t crash out, because it scrolls instead of moves your tokens. There is no Windows app. I’d prefer to play on something large like a laptop or Surface. Using anything but a Phablet makes you fat thumb what you intended to do. The attack action needs more functionality than a tutorial of how to roll dice. On that, the app could really use a dice roller and the ability to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi link to other phones. It would be nice to track your character sheets and inventory, etc via the app. The existing tiny character sheets get chewed up by an eraser. The app would be better if it could link up like You Don’t Know Jack and then have the DM play from a laptop while the heroes join on their individual phones, iPads, tablets, surface, etc. The app is salvageable, but pretty garbage at launch. I’ll modify my review as they improve.

Developer Response ,

We appreciate your feedback and have made numerous improvements since launch. Please update to our latest build, version 1.4, which now includes tablet mode (enabled in the settings menu), fixes to the token drag issue experienced on some devices, performance optimizations, and additional quest books since our launch. While these updates do not address all of your disappointments noted above (multi-device connection, digitally centric management approach), we hope you give HeroQuest Companion app another shot and stick with us as we make improvements.

Crestkid ,
Decent start to this app, but needs updates

The app as I mentioned is off to a decent start, but it could use some updates for the following.

1.) when using on an iPad in particular, it could benefit from being in landscape mode. In portrait mode its not ideal for iPad to be in, and also if you cast to tv like I do, it would be nice if it filled the entire screen.

2.) Actions - You can continuously take actions which to new people playing may confuse them into thinking they can take more actions because the app lets you.

3.) movement - It appears you can keep moving around as much as you like. It should limit to what dice can give you and only be more if a spell has been used to allow extra movement.

4.) New Knight - the commander of the guardian knights need to be added in. Some have already gotten their characters so this app will need to keep up with the releases as best it can. I’m rather excited to try the knight!

The rest overall is fine and again if you come from playing Heroquest and rules you can overlook the issues above and actually help keep things honest with your party.

This app again is off to a great start, and I am sure future updates will help polish and enhance gameplay. Looking forward to the next app update!

Developer Response ,

We have added Tablet Landscape mode in V 1.3. Toggle this feature on in the settings menu and let us know if this improves the app experience for you.

We really appreciate your request for digital tracking and an app-enforced play approach. For launch, the traditional character sheet tracking was intended to free up any non-app players to directly manage their hero - if only one player maintained control of the app for the table. Movement is left open to account for potential equipment modifiers tracked outside of the app (extra Movement die roll for example). In order for Zargon to properly enforce movement, full hero equipment tracking is required forcing all players into the app-tracking method. It's great though, to get a strong vote for this play method!

Thanks again for the feedback. Please stay with us as we keep improving the app with updates!

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