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Re: New Dungeon Tiles

PostPosted: Sunday October 4th, 2020 5:26am
by Valnar Nightrunner
Azure wrote:Quel beau travail ! De toute beauté !
These tiles are super fantastic Valnar !!

Question : How did you put so many tiles in a single post ?
When I tried to post tiles, the system only allowed 5 images.

Oui lol, effectivement, je poste des liens issus d'autres sites donc forcément, l'hébergeur de celui-ci n'est pas sollicité :mrgreen: Du coup il ne m'envoie pas chier !

Re: New Dungeon Tiles

PostPosted: Monday February 1st, 2021 5:25pm
by Smrize
Woow. These look great! Unbelivable. So you made those yourself. I'll use what I can in my online game. So cool man.