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Re: Dungeon tiles.

PostPosted: Tuesday July 30th, 2013 9:52am
by roomandu
Goblin-King wrote:
torilen wrote:So - HQF - you make those resin tile pieces? How do you do that? What material...what kind of mold or form...directions please. :)))

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that by a glance they look like Hirst Arts molds. - Dungeon tiles - Cavern tiles

Resin IS a material used for casting.
Or you can simply use plaster which are cheaper and more commonly available in stores.
I wouldn't recommend plaster if you plan to cast thin or long objects as it's somewhat fragile. But for tiles it's great. - Instructions for casting

man that dungeon set looks "DA BOMB". I have heard from a fella here in West Aust that if you are going to use plaster, then the dental plaster is tough as and a lot stronger than regular plaster. I have also found that if you want to add a bit more 'toughness' to regular plaster then add some PVA glue when mixing ;)