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Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Friday November 6th, 2020 7:16pm
by cynthialee
3 full sets plus Kellars Keep and Return of the Witch Lord

Kind of kicking myself in the pants for not getting Elf and Barbarian when they were only a couple hundred bucks a pop. (But I do have reprints of the cards, quests and tiles....)
Also have a copy of Dark Company and some other stuff in the buried pile.

Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Saturday November 7th, 2020 2:03am
by Kimarous
Technically nothing yet, but I ordered two Mythic Tier sets in the Pulse campaign, intending to paint one set as "artwork standard" and the other being whatever else I felt like.

Also have a pair of Reaper model Bat Swarms that I was originally planning for a Warhammer army, but have since changed my mind - might stick them on appropriate base sizes and apply them to custom HeroQuest scenarios.

Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Sunday November 8th, 2020 5:44am
by The Admiral

Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Wednesday November 11th, 2020 3:35pm
by laukiaerkko
Wow you guys are some really fanatic HQ people. I have one complete base set, but I am looking to expand my expansions with some 3D printable stl files if I could only get my printer to work properly. I have done lots of cards and tiles for the expansions and they are playable with standees but nothing beats a miniature.

Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Wednesday November 11th, 2020 5:26pm
by Thor-in
I counted it once, but since the last time I counted it I've added and subtracted figures.

Two base games
Keller's Keep
Return of the Witch Lord

Then I've proceeded to add

Two Dark World, with extras.
Two Dragon Strike, with extras.
And a bunch of the old GW figures.

All in all I have probably 300 +/- figures

Re: How big is your collection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Wednesday November 11th, 2020 8:00pm
by Kurgan
It hasn't gotten unmanageable yet. Most of the minis I have are not official HQ minis, but are Reaper Bones figures and some 3d printed ones that I use to supplement. The game system I originally bought was missing a couple of figures, so I picked up a few extras on Ebay, meaning I have a few additional Undead and Fimirs. I was also lucky enough to get one original (red) Ogre and six (black) mercenary scouts.

The unofficial figures I use to fill out the ranks if I were playing one of the expansions that call for more figures than I would have otherwise and for variety. I have about a hundred of these extra figures, and I don't store these in the HQ box with the others, but in two Flambeau plastic fishing (tackle) boxes, which I lined with foam padding.

The Reaper figures I painted in solid colors, varnished and re-based to look more like the HQ originals they are standing in for. I had a good time with those.

Card wise, most of the cards I have custom printed myself, and the sleeved cards fill five deck boxes that hold about a hundred each. I did have a big "roll under the bed" plastic tote that I stored everything in (and still had to carry the fishing boxes... plus I kept the extra tiles and any printed quests in a couple of plastic binders) but now that my siblings all have copies of the game (and some expansion material), that isn't such a chore if we want to play (tougher these days with covid anyway, hence the appeal of virtual play!).

Apart from the 2021 set, I haven't really planned to expand my "collection" anymore. I'm more intent to create and play, rather than collect (a bit too pricey for me anyhow) but I enjoy the pieces I have. I want them to get used! Would I jump at the chance if I saw some of the expansions cheap at a garage sale or thrift store though? I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't.

If we're talking other stuff, I do have a few Dragon Strike figures (heroes and monsters) and some fantasy creatures (monsters, etc) tube rubber miniatures (to add to the pile, a few great figures in there like the giant spiders). And a bag of extra plastic dice (most of it from that famous German site).

Edit: I've got a handful of unbased Warhammer skaven too, if that counts.

Re: How big is your colloection of HQ minis?

PostPosted: Wednesday November 11th, 2020 9:35pm
by j_dean80
2 NA Base Systems
1 EU Advanced System
1 NA Kellar’s Keep
1 NA Witch Lord
1 Ogre Horde
1 Wizards of Morcar
1 Barbarian Pack
1 Elf Pack
A lot of GW figures
Skaven from Advanced HeroQuest
A lot of Zealot Minis
A couple Dark World and DragonStrike figures
A lot of Reaper minis
And so much more...