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Saturday Afternoon 2-13-2021 with the kids

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Saturday Afternoon 2-13-2021 with the kids

Postby torilen » Saturday February 13th, 2021 9:22pm

My son and two daughters - 11yo, 9yo, and 6yo - asked to play heroquest. Who am I to deny them?

We had already done the Trial, so it was on to Rescue of Sir Ragnar.
Started out a little slow. 9yo playing the elf wanted to do "some searching" in the room
with the stairs, letting everyone else get into the danger. 6yo, playing the barbarian,
ran off to the single room to the left of the board, with the trapped chest. Me, playing
the wizard, and 11yo, playing the dwarf, took on the goblins in the hallway around the
middle room, and the goblin to the far right of the board.

We all took on the orcs in the group of rooms. At one point, the barbarian rushes into
the room and tries to jump up on the table to attack the orc. She clipped the table
with her toes and fell flat on her face. The orc attack, swinging its morning star.
It slammed right next to her head, busting the table. We finish off the remaining
monsters while the dwarf heads into the next room, with the three monsters and the
other treasure chest.

As he busts the door open, the orc yells to his goblin minions "Git 'im, boys!". The dwarf
rushes in, however, and kills the orc, breaking him own right between the goblins. They look
from the dead orc to the dwarf.

The barbarian, as this is going on, has clambared back up to her feet on the table and does
a spinning down swing to the last orc in that room. Smashes through his head and crumples
it to the floor.

Back in the other room, the wizard rushes in to help friend dwarf and kills the goblin
further from the cabinet. Meanwhile, the other goblin is trying to pull the locked cabinet
open, to climb in and hide. The wizard kills him quickly enough.

All while this is happening, the elf had gone down the right hallway and busted in on
two orcs on her own. The wizard hears the elf shout for help and tells the dwarf to go
help her - this is when the wizard kills the goblin trying to get into the cabinet.

We all start searching for treasure, and while in the room with the table again, I have all
four of us pull our treasure cards together and THEN look. Three wandering monsters, and
the barbarian is hit with a trap arrow. What are the odds.

One orc runs up through the rooms, the other two take the hallway to the right. The wizard rushes off
to handle things and, as he passes through the doorway, his companions see ashes fall down over him
and swirl around, and his form shift into that of an orc. The barbarian smashes down the lone orc while
the wizard is in the other room.

**NOTE - Yes, I use a lot of homebrew spells and other things. This is one of my homebrew spells...Disguise
from the Ash spell group. It only lasts for six turns (the current Mind Points of the wizard).

"Come on, we've gotta take these intruders to the prison!" the wizard commands. "Okay" the two grunt.
The wizard winks at his friends, and grabs the dwarf. "We have to hurry, this won't last long." he whispers
into the dwarf's ear.

They make it to the first door to the prison area. The lead orc, with the elf in tow, tells the goblin
to unlock the door. The Wizard shouts "DO IT NOW!" and they all attack. The orcs are killed quickly and
the goblin huddles back in the corner. The elf asks if there is anything in the next room.
"Yesses. More of thems" it points to the dead orc on the floor. The elf kicks in the door and rushes the orc
catching it by surprise, but it was still ready (nice attack roll, but the orc still blocked).

The wizard, still as an orc (it had been four turns at this point, two left to go) snatches the goblin as he rushes into
the room. The elf asks "And in this next room?" The goblin nods, "more orcses". All companions nod to each other,
ready to go. The barbarian, smiling down at the goblin, offers a tuna sandwich. The goblin eats greedily and grunts,
"You feed, me with you." He rushes into the next room to fight with the barbarian. (The 6yo is loving this, of course)

The elf finds the secret door and rushes in, caught off guard by the firmir in the room. She quickly casts courage on
herself. The wizard catches sight of big ugly past the elf, reaches his staff in and taps her on the shoulder, blessing
her with a cloak of protection spell. Ashes rain down over the elf, swirl around, then sink into her skin.
(The elf now has +2 attack AND defense until no more monsters are in sight)

The elf, of course, handily dispatches the firmir and orc now. They open the door, shedding light into the pitch
black prison room. They find Ragnar's skeletal body hanging from chains on the wall. He lifts his head and manages
a creepy smile. "Thank the gods, I am saved" he says in a raspy voice.

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Re: Saturday Afternoon 2-13-2021 with the kids

Postby Kurgan » Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 11:57pm

Sounds like you had fun! And you enjoy the storytelling details... |_P
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