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Re: Quest no 9 - Race Against Time

PostPosted: Wednesday September 30th, 2020 7:55am
by washi
Yesterday we played this Quest with some modifications. I'll detail what happened:

- 15 turns to find the stairs
- From the 5th turn, rooms and corridors (only half, in the case of the longest ones) started to fall apart
- I changed the blocking squares by placing the same floor as the stone trap (I think that in the UK version there is no common blocking square...)
- New secret passage in the Chaos Warrior room

That is, basically the ideas that you gave. It was very interesting because the players were really tense, afraid of dying. The Elf was almost buried in one of the turns. If I hadn't added the extra secret passage, the Elf would die in the end.

The Dwarf lost all Body Points in the room with 2 chests but he had a potion, which restored only 1 point. He then, after a sad conversation with the Elf about friendship and how good it was to work together until then, did the only thing left for him, since the path they entered was buried: he looked for a secret doors. He found it, was happy and came face to face with the Chaos Warrior. The Elf heals the Dwarf with a Magic, Barbarian, who was already on the stairs, tries to return to help his friend and finds the new secret passage on corridor (which leads to the Chaos Warrior's room). Finally they manage to defeat the Warrior, leaving only 2 Body Points left in the Dwarf. Satisfied, he opens the chest without looking for a trap. Takes 3 points of damage. He was very lucky because the chest contained exactly the Elixir of Life but it was not necessary because in the middle of the fight against the Chaos Warrior the Elf gave the Potion he had to the Dwarf so he didn't die.

Look how interesting: The Elf had the Passing through Rock magic. At the moment when the Elf and the Dwarf were alone, thinking that they would die, the Elf was going to use magic on the Dwarf, as a last gesture with his friend, for the dwarf to save himself. He would give his life for his mate. Beautiful, but it was not necessary.

They open the stairs room door in the 10th round of the game (when Elf and Dwarf were in the above situation) but I modified that part a little. I added a character, the Guide, right behind the door. When they opened the door, they ran into him. He was very scared that everything was falling apart. The heroes, seeing explosives near the stairs, understood that the Guide always did that, that is, he deceived people, destroyed the stairs and then returned to collect the treasures of the remains of those he deceived, but he did not expect people to be warriors so powerful, powerful enough to resist and strike hard enough to destabilize the whole place.

Anyway, the Mage threw a Genius in the Guide. I considered, if they hadn't found the artifact, to make the Guide drop one. So the heroes would not lose the Elixir of Life.

Thank you guys. I was thinking about what to do to make this adventure more "running" and your ideas helped a lot. I shared the report to show what I added and how it worked for my group.

Re: Quest no 9 - Race Against Time

PostPosted: Wednesday October 14th, 2020 5:42pm
by ChaosL00
Glad to be of assistance, and also nice to hear you and your group had a fun time.