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Re: Dark Company - Complete Checklist

PostPosted: Wednesday February 2nd, 2022 12:50pm
by Kurgan
There are duplicates of some of the furniture, so technically no. If you ignore the "board crossing" doors until they actually enter that edge corridor to cross over, you should have enough doors.

Is it perfectly setup? No. But if you need a reason to hoard sets of classic heroquest I guess... but that never stopped us before. It's like the "when you run out of monsters" thing. You won't be returning to those rooms you've already cleared out and searched for everything, so you pick up the table or treasure chest and you move it to the new room that needs it that you just entered.

Re: Dark Company - Complete Checklist

PostPosted: Thursday August 4th, 2022 5:42pm
by steeltekki
I'm just trying to catch up with years of Heroquest neglect. I was having trouble wrapping my head around the advanced content and this checklist is a big help. So thanks for putting it together

Re: Dark Company - Complete Checklist

PostPosted: Thursday August 18th, 2022 10:33pm
by steeltekki
hmm, can someone help me see if I made a mistake?

I'm counting 4 fireplaces, not 3
* 1 in the second (light green) area
* 2 in the third (light brown) area
* 1 in the ninth (yellow/green) area

I'm counting 8 double block tiles, not 10
* 1 on the starting board
* 4 on the second board
* 1 on the third board
* 2 on the final board

Re: Dark Company - Complete Checklist

PostPosted: Thursday October 6th, 2022 4:58pm
by Kurgan
While it's still ridiculous and you'll have to fudge things (you can play with just one game system set + a bunch of mercenary proxies and a little imagination!) nevertheless there's some good news...

Mage of the Mirror remake will include SOME extra furniture:

2 "door bases" to insert cardboard into (intended for the "mirrors")
4 Portcullis doors
1 Iron entrance door
1 Wooden exit door
1 Tomb
1 Fireplace
1 Weapons Rack
1 Alchemist's Bench
2 Bookshelves
3 Treasure chests
1 Throne
(no extra torture rack, tables, cupboard or sorcerer's table).

Plus three extra double blocked square tiles (and even a new spiral staircase not that we needed one!).

Mage of the Mirror offers extra single block squares (6), pit traps (4), secret doors (4) ... (the EU edition saw no difference between blocked squares and fallen rock piles... you'll have plenty of skull tiles).

And Frozen Horror adds extra single block squares (6) (doubling as skulls as before).

It's all a big laugh, but if some people put their sets together to make some diabolical true 4 board setup with multiple zargon's and all the heroes taking their own path (in reality the board only changes over when all four heroes move over and the only way to get "lost" would be to use pass through rock spell to move to another section ahead of schedule)... that would be a sight to behold! 3d Printing the extra pieces would also be a cheaper way to do it.

When you play this for real, you clear the board once all surviving heroes cross over (they exit one at a time until all have exited, then you clear the board and start afresh). It's amazing to think how complex this adventure is and so it's no wonder that a few errors were made (duplicate furniture within the same section in a couple of cases) so no shame in imagining. The problem of one hero using pass through rock and wandering into the maze on his own, having to cross over through a different door could easily be resolved by Morcar/Zargon just placing him with the party again when the board "resets" to the new configuration. It's much easier viewing the color coded version to imagine how it all works (nothing against phoenix and his re-creation via the NA questbook conventions). There's also potentially no limit to the number of monsters IF the Heroes keep crossing back through the doors and refreshing the board to fight previously abandoned/killed monsters once again. There's no special reward for defeating them, but it could go on forever until the targeted bad guys are destroyed and the quest comes to an end... :barbarian: :dwarf: :elf: :wizard: |_P

Re: Dark Company - Complete Checklist

PostPosted: Friday October 7th, 2022 1:48pm
by wallydubbs
The only issue I see with it is if the heroes decide the split up, albeit not the wisest move I don't really want to limit the hero's options.
Who's really gonna split up in a 4-man group?

However, upon playing the insane difficulty of Frozen Horror I found the best chances for the heroes to be successful was to add in a 5th Hero. The Female Barbarian does make it playable. Although this goes against the rule book it evens out the damage ratio.

Well if some play Dark Company sequentially after Frozen Horror and Made of the Mirror, you CAN add additional heroes to this quest and the sheer size and length of it makes it playable.
In the event of such a game, splitting up isn't as dangerous. So for my group, yeah I'd give the heroes that option.

I get it if you want to play it the old fashioned way, but as Zargon we have the options to tweak the rules and manage Dark Company a little differently and be a bit broader with the board.