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Re: Undeads and Greenskins in the same room?

PostPosted: Friday July 7th, 2017 11:17am
by Daedalus
alyndavies wrote:Ok, so I'm a UK player, and one of the rules thats made clear to us was when designing quests, you should make the rooms appropriate to the setting. In other words Orcs would not be seen in the same room as Zombies. Try and keep monsters of similar type together. Yet when you look at this expansion all over the place you see Orcs and Skeletons stuck together. On one quest you have 2 Mummies, 2 Zombies, 2 Skeletons and 2 goblins in a room, why on earth would the goblins be hanging around that lot for? :oops:

I found 4 rooms with a mix of white (undead) and green monsters. Compare that to 16 areas with white or green mixed with other (gray, blue) monsters and 50 areas with 2 or more monsters of only green or white. Taken as a whole, the white-green mix isn't too bad, though not ideal. I'd chock it up to the Frozen Horror "reviving it's minions" with the Scepter of Glacial Majesty, "an evil artifact of vast power." The mismatches could be thought of to reflect the temporary, chaotic nature of the Frozen Horror's new threat.

Well, that's a fluff rationalization, but I imagine the underlying reason can be attributed to the nature of picking up shop and moving new production across the pond. Whoever wrote the Adventure Design Booklet, quite possibly Ford or Baker himself, was working for MB/Hasbro UK. The author(s) of the BQP and the EQP were hired in the US, likely as freelance work. (In his blog, Toco, another Inn member, had learned from game designer Richard Borg that MB freelanced him to write the unreleased WQP.) It appears the author of the EQP never even read the Adventure Design Booklet. :smack:

Re: Undeads and Greenskins in the same room?

PostPosted: Thursday December 6th, 2018 2:10pm
by wallydubbs
I agree that certain monsters shouldn't be allowed to mix unless otherwise supervised. The undead have no business mingling with greenskin unless there's a necromancer to guide them.
They're undead, they have no minspoints and therefore no allegiance to anyone but the the Witch Lord or Necromancer.
I could let the Quest for Spirit Blade slide; I have no problem with (especially) the Witch Lord controlling these guys from afar. But once the Witch Lord is dead, all bets are off.
I didn't care for the undead accompanying the Fire Mage either, so I made adjustments to have greenskins stand beside him instead.
If at any point I get undead in the same room as any other monster, they're going to attack the nearest target,be it hero or monster. So for such quests that were never playtested I'll make minor adjustments.

I'm still a bit iffy on Giant Wolves, though... I'm thinking if a Giant Wolf is alone in a room with a goblin, he might think of that goblin as lunch...

Re: Undeads and Greenskins in the same room?

PostPosted: Thursday December 6th, 2018 2:23pm
by Maurice76
Personally, I'd never mix them, unless there is a special reason to, like a Necromancer with a unit of Orc bodyguards who's making his way to a grave site to raise some Undead - potentially adding the Orcs to it, afterwards, as a "thank you" :P.

As far as Chaos Warriors go, they're damned and cursed, so are they still alive? The Chaos magic sustains them, so they never have to eat or drink, either. They're in some sort of limbo state between living and Undead, so they can mix fine with either of those. Chaos Warlocks fall into the same category; they might be dead themselves, roaming around as a Lich, or be alive and enjoy surrounding themselves with Undead, to keep the living at bay.

Re: Undeads and Greenskins in the same room?

PostPosted: Sunday June 9th, 2019 3:43pm
by Kurgan
For my Chaos creatures, the Sasquatch (a regular big foot that has been corrupted by Chaos alchemy) has a chance to attack nearby monsters.

On his turn, before doing any movement or actions: IF he appears and other monsters (not including other "white" figures, and evil character that summoned him) are closer than the nearest Hero or Merc (or other "good guy" figure)...

Zargon rolls a white die and if it's a black shield, he'll attack the closest monster, rather than the good guy. The monster defends normally.

If the good guys and monsters are equidistant, he just attacks the good guys like he normally would.

Exceptions... if the Sasquatch is wounded (down to 1 BP), and Zargon rolls a black shield, he will attack whatever is closest, regardless of who it is.

A Wandering Monster will always attack the Hero who found him, first.