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Re: Playtest complete

PostPosted: Sunday December 2nd, 2018 12:39am
by wallydubbs
j_dean80 wrote:No one mentioned a new Elf would not have a toolkit to disarm traps yet there are chests with traps and several pits/spears in front of doors that need disarmed.

I think I covered that in my post On Sacred Ground, I added a tool kit that could be found under the Torture Rack when that room is searched. It made sense to me that whomever built the rack might have tools, so I reasonably stated "The Elf finds a forgotten Tool Kit beneath the Torture Rack when this room is searched."

Re: Playtest complete

PostPosted: Tuesday February 4th, 2020 8:00am
by Kurgan
Thanks for the warnings. I hate to nerf the monsters, so my attempt at a solution will be to continue to power up the Heroes. My "upgrade" system has already given them enhanced abilities for accumulating completed quests (black dice or green dice in various situations for attack/defend and bonus potions and artifacts). I may also bust out some ehancements for the Wizard. Let me tell you, the Heroes will be "going shopping" before these quests!

I appreciate your valuable feedback! |_P