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Re: Several Questions regarding Even Boots

PostPosted: Tuesday October 23rd, 2018 11:16am
by wallydubbs
Thanks for all your answers guys. I'll plan accordingly.

Re: Several Questions regarding Even Boots

PostPosted: Thursday September 5th, 2019 10:58am
by wallydubbs
lestodante wrote:in european version the potion of speed allows the hero to roll the dice and move twice. In NA version it is not a card and allow to move of 12 squares.

I think it was drathe that converted some of the European Treasure cards into American format, so I've been able to add those cards to my Treasure deck. This includes the Potion of Speed from the European version.

So it is a bit conflicting that there are two types of Potions of Speed; one in pretty much Swift Wind in a bottle, the other can be bought and grants the Elf 12 movement and 2 attacks until he takes 1 damage (which seems a bit much). The distinction my group makes of the two is "Potion of Speed" and "Elven Potion of Speed".
Though I don't necessarily like the European Potion of Speed because it's more powerful then Swift Wind (doesn't require an action), it's not always available and can't be bought.

But yes, good questions on what-to-do if combining Swift Wind, or either Potion of Speed with the Elven boots... or what if the Elf (wearing the boots) is under the effects of Swift Wind while drinking a Potion of Speed? Wod that be 8 or 12 red dice movement? Lol

Re: Several Questions regarding Even Boots

PostPosted: Monday October 18th, 2021 2:18am
by Daedalus
lestodante wrote:What if the Elf wearing Elven Boots will drink a Potion of Speed?

    Elven Boots: "These boots grant the Elf an extra red die for movement. The Elf can roll 3 dice for movement either before or after taking an action. The boots wear out if the Elf rolls identical numbers on any 3 dice."
I take "can" to mean is able, not may, so they continuously function while worn; if the Elf wants a choice, he needs to put them on or remove them. Compare this use of is able to that of may found in the Treasure Without Doom Spell Scroll artifact: ". . . Or it can be used to open . . .".

    EQP Potion of Speed: ". . . he can move up to 12 squares per turn instead of rolling the red dice.. . ."
I'd say the potion overrides the boots--they don't combine. In my opinion,
"instead of rolling the red dice" precludes rolling any red dice, whether it be 2 red dice (normal move), 2+1 red dice (Elven Boots), or 1+1 red dice. (Plate Mail and Elven Boots.)

    EU Potion of Speed: ". . . It will allow you to roll twice as many dice as usual the next time you move.. . .'
I figure "as many dice as usual" means normal movement of 2 red dice, or 1 red dice in Plate Mail. Elven Boots are kinda like the opposite of Plate Mail, allowing a normal move of 3 red dice. While wearing them and drinking the potion, I'd therefore allow 6 red dice of movement. However, the Elf risks a higher likelyhood of wearing out the boots as a consequence.

Plate Mail, shock, and magic interaction also relates to this topic.

Re: Several Questions regarding Even Boots

PostPosted: Monday October 18th, 2021 8:00am
by Kurgan
Usually you can't go over your maximum, and you can't go under 0, but when it comes to movement, where is the limit imposed by the core game itself?
A lucky Swift Wind user could have 24 squares of movement, but even that is not imposed as a hard limit.

There's a potion out there that specifically says if you have more than one, you only get one benefit per round, but I never took that to mean this is a general rule to be applied to any and all other potions (certainly if one has a pile of healing potions, those can all be used in a single round and get the benefits).

With spells if you used the same enhancing effect twice, I wouldn't stack them, but maybe others would.

The elven boots are an artifact, so I wouldn't treat it as a spell or a potion, the effect would get added to whatever else, but yes I'd be interpreting it as the Plate subtracts one die of movement (instead of reducing whatever you have to 1 or cutting whatever you have in half).

If the goal is to prevent the heroes from "cheating" by stacking too much stuff, I understand, but letting them get four (or even five) movement dice for a round isn't so bad, is it? We're not talking about them wearing three pairs of boots, after all.

But, if you wanted, you could make a hard and fast rule that "only one special effect per turn" applies, though I think that takes some of the cleverness out of it. Or if you really want to limit extra movement, just say only one modification that grants extra movement is allowed per turn? I'm biased because at my table I get people who get low rolls (and complain about it) so I'm all in favor of letting them get a bonus here and there, without wishing to modify the rules so the can just run around the board like gazelles in an open field.