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Werewolf question when heroes turn.

PostPosted: Thursday June 23rd, 2016 7:49pm
by Fullork345
Do the heroes turn during their turn or zargons? I ask because, if it is their turn, what defense stats do they have? The wolves?

I know it's unlikely their allies would hit them, but if they were to what stats are used?

Re: Werewolf question when heroes turn.

PostPosted: Sunday August 28th, 2016 3:09pm
by Daedalus
Not so unlikely. Tormuk the Chaos Sorcerer in Quest 6 can cast both Command and Werewolf's Curse. That combo action could leave a tank Hero with 3 Defend Dice as a Wolf and just 2 Defend Dice after transforming back before equipment can be regained. That may be a turn or more away.

The Gargoyle in Quest 8 knows Command as well.

I'd say The Hero transforms on his turn and switches to Wolf Defend Dice at that time. How I read it:

"...At the start of every turn, the Hero must roll 2 red dice to see if he transforms into a Wolf. A roll of 2 through 9 means the Hero remains in human form and under control of the player; the Hero may move and act normally. A roll of 10 through 12 means the Hero transforms into Wolf form and Zargon controls him as a monster for 1 turn (on Zargon's next turn.)" The roll is on the Hero's turn, with failure resulting in transformation into Wolf form.

"When the Hero transforms into a Wolf, replace his figure with a Wolf tile. All of his possessions are left in the square in which he transformed...." Transformation results in loss of equipment, associated Defend Dice, and change of figure. When the Hero transforms, on the Hero's turn, the new Wolf Defend Dice apply.

"At the end of Zargon's turn, the Wolf transforms back into the Hero and returns to the player's control. The Hero figure replaces the Wolf tile." The transformation back at the end of Zargon's turn compliments the previous transformation on the Hero's turn. Each transformation has its own resulting form and the associated Defend Dice, one new form for each turn (Hero and monster.)