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List of Artifact Locations (EQP Mage of the Mirror)

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc, from the Elf Quest Pack: The Mage of the Mirror.

List of Artifact Locations (EQP Mage of the Mirror)

Postby Kurgan » Saturday July 13th, 2019 4:48pm

So here's the list of Elf Quest Pack Artifacts, for any who needs it. Obviously if I missed something, please let me know!

*Possible Spoilers*

Elixir of Life (again, from GS) - Quest 1
*Elven Bracers - Reward for Completing Quest 1
Spell Scroll (Treasure Without Doom) - Quests 4 & 6
Elven Boots - Quest 5
Ancient Staff - Quest 6
Sky Orb - Quest 7
Bone Wand - Quest 8

* Only in Phoenix's revised version of the EQP, that is. In the original you get the "Elven Chain Mail" instead, which has no card, and is the same as Borin's Armor, but it's chain mail. The Elven Bracers, like the BQP's Armband of Ice, is never actually present as an item you can get in any official quest!

Other Artifact Locations:

Game System
Return of the Witch Lord
Elf Quest Pack
Barbarian Quest Pack
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