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List of Artifact Locations (Return of the Witch Lord)

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc, from the Return of the Witch Lord Quest Pack.

List of Artifact Locations (Return of the Witch Lord)

Postby Kurgan » Saturday July 13th, 2019 4:43pm

Here's just a simple list of Artifact locations for this quest pack, for anyone who needs it.

*possible spoilers*

Dust of Disappearance - Quest 1
Spirit Blade (if you don't already have it) - Quest 3
Magical Throwing Daggers - Quest 3
Spell Scrolls (Fire of Wrath, Ball of Flame) - Quest 4
Rabbit Boots - Quest 7
Spell Scroll (Pass Through Rock) - Quest 7
Spell Scrolls (Heal Body, Courage) - Quest 8
Anti-Poison Quills - Quest 8
Armband of Healing - Quest 9

If I missed any, please let me know!

Other Artifact Locations:

Game System
Kellar's Keep
Elf Quest Pack
Barbarian Quest Pack
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