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List of Artifact Locations (Kellar's Keep)

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc from the Kellar's Keep Quest Pack.

List of Artifact Locations (Kellar's Keep)

Postby Kurgan » Saturday July 13th, 2019 4:39pm

Not quite as interesting as a list of Artifact locations for some of the other packs, but here they are:

*possible spoilers*

Magical Throwing Dagger - Quests 2 & 6
Fire Ring - Quest 4
Spell Scrolls (random) - Quest 6
Elixir of Life (again, from GS) - Quest 7

If I missed any, let me know!

Other Artifact Locations:

Game System
Return of the Witch Lord
Elf Quest Pack
Barbarian Quest Pack
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