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A Treasure Card

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A Treasure Card

Postby Bfriudo » Wednesday July 10th, 2019 10:44am

I have recently added a treasure card which consists of a rag doll or a generic toy, but then I figured it could as well be a Heroquest mini after all...
The neat thing is that it could be easily implemented by modifying the "Gem" card, removing the boot from the floor and replacing the gem in the palm of the hand with a miniature. It could be a mainstay hq mini such as the barb or chaos wiz but anything could do really. The art would match the original pretty well and could be reused for anything.
If anyone has the skills and the time, I would love to have a similar card. Also please don't take it as a "request"...rather if the idea stimulates your mind, go ahead! ;) Thanks in advance for any interest.
The item, unless one has peeked at the game lore, would merely indicate a sell value of 5g. For the sake of inspiration, the card text would likely read:
"On a well maintained desk you find a small figurine of a warrior (or whatever), no doubt belonging to some local board game. It is finely sculpted and looks exquisitely well painted."
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Re: A Treasure Card

Postby mitchiemasha » Wednesday July 10th, 2019 2:27pm

Fits nicely with the table overlay that features a tiny version of Heroquest, with it's very own 3d screen.

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