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[Preview] Vol 3 of Nicodemus' Trilogy - Rogue Wizardry

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Re: Question re Destruction of the Tomes

Postby Nicodemus » Monday November 4th, 2019 3:20pm

The Admiral wrote:1) When a Hero chooses to go through a Trap Door, Special Passage or Tunnel, does their turn end after that movement, or can they still continue moving and perform an action if they haven't yet done so?

We've always played that they can continue with the rest of their movement and use any remaining actions, so that would apply for all of these cases too.

2) Do Teleport squares work in exactly the same way as the above features, the only difference being that you have to find them first?

Yes and yes |_P

3) I assume monsters can only use the teleport squares once they have been discovered by the Heroes, not before?

Definitely a grey area. I'd be inclined to leave it up to Morcar/Zargon to use these to maximum effect. If using the teleport spaces gives the foes an advantage, great, if keeping them hidden messes with the Heroes that's even better.

4) In room J of Quest 2, what should be in the two chests? I see that even empty chests have been noted as such in other quests.
5) In Quest 4 there are two doors shaded orange to indicate they are trapped, but there are no notes as to their effects?

LOL, I'm guessing you're referring to volume 2 (The Destruction of the Tomes), not vol 3? I need to go back and look at my original draft Word document for these ;) Luckily I still have each of the iterations on an external drive.

6) From Interlude 1 onward the Wizard has -1 to his MP and Movement due to his possession of the Master Chaos Tome. However, the same tome allows him to teleport 10 spaces instead of moving, which I have found he does every time he moves. Does the -1 also apply to the Teleport move? If not it will be pointless.

You're right - So the -1MP and -1Move stack, every time he gets another tome it weighs on him physically and mentally. One of the tomes lets him teleport so the movement effect isn't much of an issue, but I wanted to keep it in for effect anyway. The 10 space teleportation is powerful, for sure, and isn't affected by the Wizard's movement penalty... in fact, he needs that teleport more and more as the Quests go on.

7) With the Magic quarrel I assume that the target monster does not get to defend? 1 Auto BP is not great when a crossbow could inflict 3BP's normally. As a Magic Dagger inflicts 1 auto BP, I would suggest the Magic Quarrel inflicts 3 Auto BP?

Good points. I'll take a look at the card...

I have noticed a discrepancy with the the geography. The monastery in Quests 2/3 is set in the SE corner of the Empire. This would place it near the intersection of the Black Mnts, Grey Mnts and The Vaults. In Quest 4 the party then journeys NW past Remas and north along the coast to the Blighted Marshes. To travel on that path the journey would have to start in the Apuccini Mnts in Tilea to the SE of Remas. From the SE empire the journey would be west to the Blighted Marshes and would go nowhere near Remas. They would travel west along the coast past Miragliano. This is obviously a minor point that doesn't affect play at all, but a Heroquest world :ugeek: (like me) would spot it.

The Journey on after Quest 4 from the Blighted Marshes to the Blood River (Quest 5) going through the Vaults and then across the Border Princess fits perfectly.

I did plan all of these out looking at the various maps of the Old World... but TDOTT was planned out 13 years ago. Clearly I need to go back and re-map this out. I wonder if I just mis-identified one of the earlier locations... I do that a lot in revisions, decide part way through that I want their travel route to change but forget to update the entire route!! Thanks for catching this!

|_P |_P
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Re: [Preview] Vol 3 of Nicodemus' Trilogy - Rogue Wizardry

Postby The Admiral » Tuesday November 5th, 2019 7:55am

Thanks for that.

Yes, I am solo testing TDOTT. I do this with all the quests I intend to play with my brother, so your help is much appreciated.

I am just about to move onto Quest 6, which is the beginning of a long series of directly connecting quests. I have noticed that if the Heroes trigger either of the the Falling Block traps in the left side corridor, or the the one next to the secret door in the bottom right, then the whole thing is over before it has really begun as there is then no way to access the stairs to the next part of the quest. I am okay with falling blocks sealing off non essential areas, such as the chest at G, but they shouldn't be allowed to terminate any possibility of completing a quest. I have changed them to spear traps. Falling Rubble would also work.

I believe Quest 7 can also be broken after studying it in the bath. Please check as I could be wrong. Barricade either door in the little room directly to the right of room F, and either door in the weapon rack room. Set up the Wizard in the central room where he can teleport behind the barricades and the other three Heroes on the three X's on the left side of the board. The monsters cannot get behind either barricade to remove them, thus leaving the Dwarf to dig out at his leisure.

Quest 8 introduces many Mimic furniture monsters whose stats it says can be found on the Monster Chart. They are not there, although I have found the Mimic Chest monster card. Do the other Mimic Furniture monsters have the same stats? I can't Imagine the Mimic King would. I am also wondering how they work. Do the Heroes know the furniture is a mimic when they enter a room, or do they come to life on Zargon's following turn, or maybe a later turn of his choosing?

The Sorcerer of the Ruins appear as a wandering Monster and the quest notes say "He will vanish after the first Hero's turn." Is that after the first Hero to take a turn after he has appeared, or after the first Hero in a new turn sequence. If he reappears, are any used spells and lost BP's/MP's replenished?

Okay, I've finished the two alternate route quests with the Adventurer and the six henchmen. It was a very different and exiting experience. With a single not very powerful Hero and 6 henchmen there is not much room for things to go wrong, but the quests are well balanced to account for this. While the party can keep whole they pack enough punch to cope with the situation, but the gradual loss of henchmen could prove disastrous. I had three 2BP healing potions which I dished out to three of the henchmen and a healing potion for Helbran (Adventurer). Helbran's Combat cards were invaluable and were always useful apart from 'Slip' which didn't get used. My trap disarming was pretty useless and I lost one scout to these failed attempts and the other lost a BP. It meant I couldn't risk the multiple corridor traps leading to the goodies in the two chests near the end of part I, but the whole party, minus that Scout made it out.

This means I have 8 Henchmen left, which is perfect for quests 9 and 10: 3 Archers, 2 Halberdiers, 2 Scouts, 1 Swordsman.

I am stuck now until I can get the stats and rules for the Mimics and clarification of the Sorcerer of the Ruins please.

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