Anti-Poison Quill vs. Venom Antidote

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Anti-Poison Quill vs. Venom Antidote

Postby wallydubbs » Tuesday July 9th, 2019 2:59pm

Is there any conceivable difference between these 2? One is a potion, the other is an artifact, but I don't see the point in making such an artifact if there's Potion that does the exact same thing...

Although I've only seen the Dwarf buy a Venom Antidote as a precautionary measure once, I don't think heroes generally buy this.

And just wondering, though, could either one of these potentially work on a hero bitten by a Werewolf in the Elf Quest Pack? I know we have Wolfsbane Potion for such occurrences, but couldn't either one of these work? I'd imagine a Werewolf bite has some type of poison in it that causes the change... however the Werewolf Curse as Chaos Spell would not.

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Re: Anti-Poison Quill vs. Venom Antidote

Postby Goblin-King » Wednesday July 10th, 2019 3:40am

I think it's fine to have both Venom Antidote and Wolfsbane Potion. They both serve to make their corresponding events more special.
It's no fun when a hero finally gets the werewolf curse, and then he instantly cures it with a potion he has been carrying since 3 quest packs ago.

Also, don't try to apply logic to the workings of potions in this game. In real life, the idea of a cure-all antidote is preposterous. You need a specific antidote for a specific venom :bites-lip:

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