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DM sheet for unknown game

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DM sheet for unknown game

Postby Krevett » Sunday July 7th, 2019 11:12am

Hi everyone, just posting this here in case someone might be interested ;)
I've built a little DM tool in excel that uses a custom system (it's based on the Phantasy star IV game from genesis).
It's a tool that allows you to manage your game as a DM (and if you have some vba knowledge, it might be edited to work for other systems like d20 for D&D and Pathfinder for example but it will need a bit of work!!), I know it's rather useless for most people as it uses a custom and unknow rule system but I tried to comment it as much as I could (and as I said if you have vba knowledge you may edit the sheet any way you please, the code is not locked ;) just send me an e-mail ^^).
I'm posting this here as it also contains a built-in heroquest dice roller (including special colored dices).

https://www.enworld.org/forum/rpgdownlo ... oadid=1528
http://www.mediafire.com/file/8bq33ropp ... s.rar/file

What is this:
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8bq33ropp ... s.rar/file
This tool is provided as is, I put quite some time in it (I'm only a beginner in VBA but anyway I'm quite proud of it ;) )
The code is not password protected so you can check that there is no malicious things in there ^^
I made this sheet for my own pleasure so don't comment on "hey you use shitty tabletop rules" or "this mechanic is broken", after all code is open so change what you don't like! If someone build something better and/or for another system I’d like to see it , you’re free to do whatever you please, just give credit for the original work ^^
This sheet was made to help me DM things easily with a custom rules system for my kids (if some of you know the Phantasy Star IV game on genesis) but with some tweaks in the code, can accommodate to D&D or other tabletop RPG rules (you will need a bit of vba knowledge though, and this is in my work to do for D&D but not for now...)

How to use:
The battle sheet is the main sheet you'll need to use. Every macro of this workbook is there, so use the buttons!!
The Main menu allows you to do many things like level up, rest, setup skills, powers and equipment for your characters, add/remove monsters or party members, edit objects from the database, edit the campaign, etc...
If you don't know what you're doing, YOU DO NOT NEED TO EDIT A SHEET MANUALLY!!!! (The only exception I can think of is the table data sheet more on that later).
The Combat manager, well help you to manage combat ^^ you can also edit things from there with the main menu, everything will be refreshed as you exit the main menu. You can switch between “Combat manager”, “Dice roller” and “Campaign view” screens and have all of them open at the same time (if you use the buttons from the combat manager screen). Others Userforms have to be closed to do anything else.
The Dice roller, well is a dice roller!
The Save/Load menu allows you to save a party or an encounter with a description (each with 100 slots who would need more than that????) to load for later use.
The Campaign editor/viewer allows you to keep track of your campaign (you can store multiple campaigns with up to 1000 chapters per campaign….) and display a map/picture, access links to external documents and/or programs as you set it up! The links are set in the editor but are only active from the viewer, if you click a link in the editor you will be given the choice to erase it. Same goes for picture if you click on a picture path name you will be given the choice to remove it.

Using the “Battle sheet”:
From the main menu, you can first use the “Database Editor” to add/edit/delete characters, monsters, items and powers from the database. This will be the first step to customize the data for your needs!
From there, you can use the “Encounter Editor” to add/remove characters and monsters from the current encounter sheet (“Battle sheet”), “Equipment”, “Stats/Gold”, “Powers/Skills” editor will allow you to customize further the various characters from the encounter.
The “LevelUp” and “Rest” menus will allow you to level up characters, and rest the party.
Last, the “Random Generator” will, errrrr, generate random things :-p
Note: Only the “Database Editor” will change the data from the various data sheets! All other editors will change the characters on the “Battle sheet” only! You must always save/apply the changes you make for an entry if you want to edit another one and keep your changes, otherwise if you select another item, values will be reset to those previously saved!!!
Classes are fantasy one, based on characters from the PSIV video game, as are rules mixed with others parts here and there. It’s a bit of a mess, but I want to make the sheet to adapt to more styles…
The “Table data” sheet:
This sheet is used to generate random things (anything that you may think of in fact) with the random generator found in the main menu.
To add a new list just follow the layout, add a column with a title, then each subsequent row in the form of "name of random thing" // "random weight". There’s no limit to the number of items you can add to a list (unless you hit the row limit that is greater than 1000000 ;) )
For example:
-->This list would be named “ExampleList” in the generator and Monomate may drop 5 times more than Antidote.

The sheet is built using Office 2013 x64. It “should” be compatible with other versions down to 2007 (not 100% sure about that though). The code is almost complete, almost anything may be edited without even touching the sheet, excepted random tables.
Note1: This is NOT a character sheet designer, I mean if you want to build a character, you’ll have to put their stats manually from a userform. It’s a tool to help DM keeping the data at hand for everyone around the table, not a character creation tool!
Note2: When loading, the sheet will modify the excel option "decimal separator", but will restore your default value when you close the workbook.
Note3: Sometime, hyperlinks added through the campaign editor may cause an error and refuse to open the file. If you have this problem you can use the file “RéinitialisationHypertexteOffice.reg” and add it to your registry, hyperlinks will then work for all your office documents.
Excuse mixed french/english in the sheet most of it is in english but hey, I've got bad habits when doing things for my own entertainment :) I’ll probably translate it fully later (or add the possibility to translate strings)! I tried to add some tooltips for the different buttons in english (but some are still missing).

Technical digression:
For those interested without digging into the code:
Contrary to the PSIV game, there are 6 “base” stats rather than only 4 (For = Strength, Con = Constitution, Dex = Dexterity, Agi = Agility, Int = Intelligence, Men = Mental/Wisdom). I’ve done that to have an easier time converting (if I do it one day…) the sheet to D&D rules. For now there’s no save check (must work on this!)
Other 4 stats are derived from the base (Att = Attack, Mag = Magic power, Def = Defense, Mdf = Magic defense)
Strength improves damage (whatever the weapon) and chance to hit/critical in melee.
Constitution improves defense, thus reduce damage taken
Dexterity improves chance to hit/critical at range
Agility improves the chance to avoid being hit and contributes to initiative
Intelligence increase tech/magic damage
Mental increase magic defense
The various stats column in the sheet are as follow:
“Stat name”: The total stat that is used with formula (the greyed out cell)
“B-Stat name”: The base (natural for monsters) stat, the one that increase by leveling up
“E-Stat name”: The bonus/malus from equipped items
“M-Stat name”: The temporary bonus/malus from spells (always reset to 0 when you start the combat manager)
Factor is the element resistance for the character (I’ve added 24 of them just for completeness)
The main formula used for hitting things is:
1d100 + (offense stat + bonus) x factor – (defense stat + bonus) vs target/critical value
The main formula for damage is:
Min damage = ((offense stat + bonus) x factor – (defense stat + bonus)) x (100 - variance)
Max damage = ((offense stat + bonus) x factor – (defense stat + bonus)) x (100 + variance)
Minimum damage is set to 1 unless factor is set to 0 or negative. A negative factor will reverse the effects (boost will damage and damage will boost), a factor of 0 will negate damage/effectiveness of the attack.
Skill check formula is (skill rank + stat *1/4 + bonus) vs opposing skill against a target value
If you choose “NoSkill” value is set to 0, it means it only checks for selected skill against target value.
Roll between 1 and half the best character’s agility from the sheet and add the number to agility (thus a character with twice the agility of another one should always be first). Ties check against agility stat, then dexterity stat, then roll 1d100.

File history:
v1.0: initial release.
v1.1: corrected minor bug in monster editor, minor changes in some Userform layout.
v1.2: improvement for the various editors, added character and stats editor, improved readme, dice roller and combat manager now show in non-modal form, allowing you to switch between the two with both open.
v1.3: removed inability to exit Userforms by using the regular close option (you can now quit by clicking on the “X”), experiments with resizing Userforms with various screen resolutions (those that are on laptops will have problems otherwise), added some tooltips.
v1.4: corrected a bug with combat manager not initialized as it should the first time it was run, cleanup of vba code making the file smaller, disabled again exit from Userforms by using the “X” button as it could cause unexpected (though small) bugs it should not be a problem anymore with the resizing with smaller resolutions.
v1.5: added option to select multiple targets at once for an action in the combat manager, minor bug correction in various menus.
v1.6: caught a bug that could crash a macro while refreshing dead monster stats, ability to edit character class with editor (even though you can level up by choosing another one you’re free to do so).
v1.7: added ability to sort data tables through editor menu (“misc” tab), added a basic campaign editor/viewer with map/picture display, added more tooltips to the various menus, allowed the dice roller history to scroll if text is getting too long.
v1.8: added ability to add a full directory as hyperlink (choice when set up between file or directory), added external module to import pictures as png without crashing the macro, added ability to link pictures to characters and monsters in the editor, added picture display in the combat manager next to info display, minor bugs correction (the bug that was crashing the sheet while checking dead monster was still there :/), greatly improved the speed of the macro that check for dead monsters after an action (it was slow if there was dead monsters about 2-3s, now is almost instant).
v1.9: added “halve action value on failure” option to the combat manager, checking the option “action has critical range” allows for critical failure too (set at 10% of critical success target value), reversed the action formula (it’s still the same, just rolling higher=better now), a natural roll of 1 is always a critical failure/failure, a roll of 100 is always a critical success/success, more detailed message box for the result of an action, added option to check for skills, power/skills editor and equipment editor now also works for database entries, made sheet easier to share on another computer by checking for alternate path for hyperlinks, pictures and maps (The sheet will first search the file or directory in the set path, then search in \data\pictures for pictures, \data\maps for maps and \data\docs for hyperlinks, starting from the workbook location. If all fails it will last search at the root of the workbook location. This allows the sheet to be used on an usb stick with the links still working by putting the files with the workbook), removed some unused values, additional tweaks here and there.
v1.10: corrected a critical bug with power/skills editor, new design for power/skills editor.
v1.11: small correction to attack formula, correction with damage formula for negative/null factor, minor bugfixes.
v1.12: code optimization, minor bugfixes.
v1.13: added “filter only available powers” in combat manager and power editor, minor bugfixes.
v1.14: PRNG now use Mersenne twister (vba translation by Jerry Wang) instead of vba built-in PRNG, implemented a Heroquest dice roller (because I play Heroquest too sometimes ^^)

To-Do list:
A second sheet to use for D&D 4th edition (rather than custom fantasy rules) using this one as a base ^^ but for now I lack the motivation and before that want to have a bug-free with all features I can think of base-sheet. [For now still in my to-do list just searching for inspiration ^^]

You may sent comments, criticism, suggestions, bug report or anything to krevett62@hotmail.com ("about PS sheet" in the mail subject).
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