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Mounted Combat Rules and Three Monsters that are mounted

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Mounted Combat Rules and Three Monsters that are mounted

Postby Lowery_79 » Wednesday May 1st, 2019 7:28pm


I emailed three members of the forum about this topic, and didn't get to far. But one of them suggested that I post this subject on the open forum and see what answers I get back.

So here it is:

Rough rules for Mounted Combat:
1) A character mounted on a horse or a larger creature like a dragon will be long ranged. If the mounted character is on anything smaller than a horse, the opponent just has to announce if their attacking the mount or the rider.

2) Mounted characters just roll there basic attack, unless their in combat with someone who is smaller stature (like the dwarf). Then while mounted they would use 1 less attack dice to attack these characters. Though if a mounted character has a ranged weapon then they would roll all the combat dice for that weapon.

3) Mounted characters riding anything bigger than a horse (such as a dragon) must attack using long-range weapons or spells. Also if the rider is knocked off his mount or the mount is slain while they are mounted, the rider must take 2BP for falling damage.

4) Some mounted characters who's mounts have been killed or visa versa- will stay and fight. Others will flee once they have been separated no matter how many body points they have.

5) Mounted Characters can mount/dismount in stead of attacking.

Here are the Three Monsters that I wanted to add that use these rules:

Wolf Rider
These wolves are Giant Wolves like the ones found in the Elf Pack and the pair would use the speed of the Wolf to move. I just put 3's across the board for Attack, Defend and their Body Points. I'm not sure were to start by giving the pair Mind Points. If the Wolves are not treated as Giant Wolves, then perhaps they could be closer to Battle Master stats for them. Move 12, 3 Attack, 3 Defend, 3 Body Points and 1 Mind Point.

Orc Boar Boy
The pair would use the speed of the Boar to move. I just put 4's across the board for Attack, Defend and their Body Points. I'm not sure were to start by giving the pair Mind Points.

For both the Wolf Rider and the Orc Boar Boy, if it's rider gets killed or if their mount gets killed the "living part" of the team will stay and fight.

Mounted Chaos Warrior (or Champion of Chaos) Name still needs work.
The pair would use the speed of the Horse to move. I used the stats of the Doom Guard for the rider though if it works better their stats could easily be made up of a normal Chaos Warrior so they are not to powerful. As of right know I set their Mind Points to 3, but I have no problem changing that either.

What do you guys think the stats for these Monsters should be?

Should any of these 3 get two attacks one for their mount and one for the rider?

I know I definitely want to give the Orc Boy a Charge option when their mounted but should they all get that? The charge could be:
Once during Zargon's turn the boar boy can "Charge" a victim rolling two extra combat dice (though that seems a little rough) If there are not 6 sq or spaces between them and their victim then they can not charge at that time. How do you feel a "Charge" should work?

Once I can get these Monsters stats worked out I will rework their monster cards and add an icon to the card. Then post them on the Forum.

Lastly these Monsters are meant to be used on an open Matt like a battlefield or a stretch of land the the Heroes must cross to get from one place to another.
I can post pictures of that idea in another post soon.

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