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Double Sided Pit Trap & Rubble Skull tokens.

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Double Sided Pit Trap & Rubble Skull tokens.

Postby mitchiemasha » Thursday November 8th, 2018 12:38am

Pit Trap tokens and Rubble tokens with US ed Skulls on one side.

If a hero has Explores kit, when they search for traps (but no Tool kit) these are place on the board, skull side up, representing a hazard warning noted on their map. If triggered, it's flipped and it would be a Pit or Falling Block, depending on what the EW had placed from the quest notes. This has an extra surprise due to how Pits and Falling Blocks are triggered differently.

Triggered traps in my games can't be removed. Heroes can pass Pits safely but they'll need a Rope. If not attempting the jump, using the rope will slow them down to 1d6 and 2 turns, entering and exiting. This works better for me rather than removing a Pit with a tool kit. If a Hero has a tool kit and searches for traps, 1 unsprung trap is removed, be it already found (noted via a skull) or found as a result of that search. Owning both would remove a trap and mark the rest as skulls. Heroes in a rush might be more inclined to risk the jump.

This idea could be done via placing the relevant token face down on the board... But, the skull does look a lot better.

We can stick the skulls to the back of the original tokens but, most of them are so badly aligned, I started making my own from scratch. It wasn't until I'd printed out a few sheets, which left me pile of KK Trap door tokens, that I had my next idea viewtopic.php?f=58&t=4424

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