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Quest 2: On Sacred Ground

Discuss Quests, Cards, Monsters etc, from the Elf Quest Pack: The Mage of the Mirror.

Re: Quest 2: On Sacred Ground

Postby Pancho » Thursday November 8th, 2018 3:13am

If sales were dropping, maybe they were keen to state that the expansion could be played by anyone, not just experienced players but also new ones.
That could explain the nonsense about the quests being suitable for a beginner Elf.

If that sounds cynical, I'd also say that on the flip side I admire games designers that give some leeway in how to run the game and experiment with changes. Sounds like the OP did this with the solo quests, running them with a starter Elf then giving him some equipment after he got wasted, etc.

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Re: Quest 2: On Sacred Ground

Postby wallydubbs » Tuesday November 27th, 2018 6:16pm

Unfortunately I don't think Ghost Script is compatible with my PC so I haven't been able to get the quest map maker working. I've made adjustments to the Solo Quests to make them survivable for the Female Elf. Anyone interested can read about it for The Avenger Returns in a topic I've posted with the aforementioned name.

My girlfriend played the 1st Solo quest erroneously choosing Air as her elf spell. She walked away with no gold, 1 Potion of Magical Aptitude, 1 Potion of Recall, 1 Potion of Healing, 1 Potion of Defence, 2 Spell Scrolls (Psychic Recovery and Ball of Flame), and the Magical Elven Bracers (Not Elven Chainmail, there's no card for that).
We played with the stipulation of increased Mind Points gives an extra set of spells. The Elven Bracers brought her to 5 Mind Points so she chose Water and Earth spells. For this quest I changed the Wandering Monster to just 1 orc.
Starting in the stairwell she started her normal thorough search for traps, secret doors and treasure, finding gold and the secret door. After beating the skeletons by the Torture Rack I added a find to this room: she finds a forgotten Tool Kit beneath the Torture Rack.
After fighting the two orcs in the other room she was down to 4BP, found more gold in there from the treasure deck and the secret door into Room A. Since I'm adding treasure and equipment along the way I only put 150 gold in this chest.
Outside the hallway leading from the northwest quadrant instead of a Giant Wolf I placed a Fimir, which she surpringly killed with 1 attack.
She walked around the outside of the central room looking for traps and doors, killing the one orc out there and using Heal Body after the Wandering Monster trap. She used Rock Skin going into the central room, killing the orc and fimir, getting a Potion of Healing from the treasure deck.
Room B is the same with the Chaos Warrior and helmet in the cupboard. Chaos Warrior gave her some trouble, She had to use a potion of healing.
Next was Room C, attacking the first goblin, but he successfully defended and they double teamed her (Not like that)... But her next two attacks were successful and she found the Potion of Healing on the bookshelf.
She continued into the Eastern Hall, fighting the Orcs and into the two rooms on the right, taking out the Orcs and goblins in there. Her searches turned up more gold and a Wandering Monster, which refused to die until she cast Ball of Flame from the Spell scroll.
Going back and down the final hallway she spots the pit trap in front of the door and failed in disarming it.
Into the room with the Giant Wolf she hits it once but it strikes back with 3 (1 blocked). She used her Potion of Magical Aptitude to cast Water of Healing and Sleep, allowing her to get 3 more hits on the sleeping wolf (Which only slept for 3 turns). It woke for an attack landing 4 hits, but she managed to score one last hit to end the beast. A search of the room revealed a Potion of Magic Resistance from the deck.
She was able to vanquish the Fimir, saving the 2 attendants without losing her last Body Point. For a search in that room I put a Potion of Vision in the chest and Chainmail on the weapons rack. Just to be safe to avoid the pit trap on her way back she used Pass Through Rock to exit the room.
She was given 150 for completing the quest and bought a Long Sword.

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Re: Quest 2: On Sacred Ground

Postby Spookyhappyfun » Friday December 28th, 2018 4:36pm

The Admiral wrote:Yep, both the Elf and Barbarian quest pack solo quests are virtually impossible with a basic character. Even an experienced solo character will struggle. We played both sets of solo quests with an experienced Elf/Barbarian accompanied by a new Female Elf/Barbarian.

I've decided to do that on the solo quests in the Quest packs in my game. The Elf/Barbarian will be the same one that the player has brought through every other quest and they'll be accompanied on these "solo" quests with a brand new Elf/Barbarian (NPC, but controlled by the player just like the Mercenaries).
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