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Howdy from TEXAS!

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Re: Howdy from TEXAS!

Postby fijigus » Tuesday August 7th, 2018 2:27pm

That's awesome. That's why I'm here too, have the original from back in the day, had 4 quest packs and only played through part of a few before something else took over (probably magic the gathering) and ended up selling 3 packs and keeping the base and 1 pack. Now with kids old enough and a few of us getting re-invigorated by gloomhaven, we need something for the in between times. and Heroquest is a good starter for my 8 year old who is hooked already. I like the idea of getting figures from other games, I'm going to do that too!
like many here, digging HQ back out of the closet after Dominion, munchkin, drinking quest, and now Gloomhaven have sucked me back into the gaming world. As it's my set I have found myself voted all time Zargon :blackshield: |_P
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Re: Howdy from TEXAS!

Postby benvoliothefirst » Tuesday August 7th, 2018 8:02pm

There's nothing better than introducing a whole new generation to HQ. I also think they benefit from the Zen and concentration required for painting minis... Hint hint!

If it's helpful, you can use standard d6 dice for HeroQuest. It's sacrilege here at the Inn, but that system makes almost every other game more accessible. So skulls are 4+, white shields are 5+, and black shields are 6+. This also lets you introduce modifiers.

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