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Pass through Rock or Veil of Mist... through furniture?

Discuss the Rules of HeroQuest as set out by Milton Bradley Game Systems and Quest Packs.

Re: Pass through Rock or Veil of Mist... through furniture?

Postby Daedalus » Saturday June 2nd, 2018 7:13pm

pemcode wrote:Pass Through Rock says "move through walls"

Veil of Mist says "move unseen through spaces that are occupied by monsters"

So I agree a literal interpretation of the way it's worded means a Hero can not move through furniture (even with Pass Through Rock + Veil of Mist).

Which means Furniture is the only Hero blocker you can't bypass with a spell.

However, this makes me wonder:
1) Is it a rules bug? HeroQuest has other rules that seem broken (where they didn't think through the details and implications).
2) Is it better design if Pass Through Rock or Veil of Mist (not sure which one) lets a Hero move through furniture?

In the British TV commercial, the Fire of Wrath spell was differently worded:

    This spell may be cast on any
    object or door in the same Room
    or Passage. The object and
    anything in it will then be
    destroyed. The spell may not be
    cast on Monsters or Players.
This prototype spell would have gotten a Hero past a piece of furniture (or door) by blasting it out of the way.

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Re: Pass through Rock or Veil of Mist... through furniture?

Postby Stoner81 » Wednesday July 11th, 2018 7:16pm

The obvious way to me to deal with this is as follows...

When Pass Through Rock is cast and the player moves in to a room which hasn't been found then they have to stop to allow the EWP to lay out the room as normal. This way they see all the furniture (if any) and must move around it accordingly.

Veil of Mist applies to monsters only and nothing else.

Thanks for bringing this up, I will be adding this to my rule book :)

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