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Expansions with starting equipment (from scratch)?

Discuss the Rules of HeroQuest as set out by Milton Bradley Game Systems and Quest Packs.

Re: Expansions with starting equipment (from scratch)?

Postby Daedalus » Sunday June 3rd, 2018 6:20pm

pemcode wrote:. . . The Frozen Horror Quest 1 gives the Barbarian (crossbow, longsword, shield) which suggests that you’re starting from scratch. . . .

The first three Quests of The Frozen Horror could be played by either a new Hero or a previously equipped one. If the Barbarian joins as a new Hero, the other Heroes are assumed to already be fully equipped as the Barbarian must catch up to them. From p.4 of the BQP:

1. The Quests
The first three Quests are solo adventures, designed for play by a
Barbarian alone. These can be used as an introduction to Hero Quest
for a new player or as fun Quests to play when only two players are
available. Also, if a new Barbarian is to join a party of experienced
characters, these three Quests will enable the Barbarian to catch up
with the other Heroes by gaining gold, equipment and magical items.

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