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Making the base game more interconnected

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Re: Making the base game more interconnected

Postby wallydubbs » Wednesday December 26th, 2018 12:40pm

benvoliothefirst wrote:Some very cool ideas in here Wally, thanks for sharing!

EDIT: I would love to incorporate some of these ideas into the "Perfect" quest books. Have you written them out like a formal quest intro anywhere, or do you prefer to leave the broad strokes as you've done here and let the EWP tell the story their own way? If you've got them written out somewhere I'd love to see 'em. (Steal 'em) :twisted:

Sorry, Benvolio, I was never able to get my Map Quest Maker to work on my computer, so I never authoritatively made such a page. I just primitively added little postit notes to certain Quest pages in the booklet that I read instead.
Example from Quest 9:
"En route to a mysterious castle told to house a great fortune you stop at a tavern in a nearby village. While there you receive word that a local Alchemist is in danger. He was able to send out a raven to this village, soon after spotting a group of greenskins descending from the hills, requesting assistance from any group of Heroes in the area. There is a reward for anyone willing to help."
[Note: Tell the heroes just before they begin that there are no traps (asides from what is in the Treasure deck) and if they do not find the Alchemist by your 20th turn, the Alchemist will be killed and there will be no reward.]

I'm also debating on my placement of the Trial, at which point it should be added and the objective. I feel the heroes need to be going into Fellmarg's tomb for a purpose. So I haven't been sure if The Star of the West should be the objective or not. It seems to add continuity between Rogar's tale in the introduction and the Emperor's need of it.
However I also like the idea of an uncontrollable army of the Undead; the Choas Warriors have already recruited the greenskins, but they would also want to learn how to control the undead to have an additional army. I suppose awakening the Witch Lord would suffice in this, but I'm also tempted to throw the Bone Wand somewhere in there that thematically matches up with the idea.
Although this is an artifact specifically made with Mage of the Mirror, i feel it goes along so well it's a possible option to put inside Fellmarg's Tomb. As the Witch Lord hasn't been risen yet and it seems reasonable that Valrog and his greenskin army have taken the tomb and are working on clearing out the undead so they can find and use the Bone Wand. In The Trial the undead have 3 rooms the greenskins haven't advanced into yet... which is also where Fellmarg's Tomb is.

I'd also like to make a definitive are of when the heroes actually become "Champions" and can start hiring mercenaries.

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