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PostPosted: Wednesday August 27th, 2008 11:10pm
by ballth
For all my Heroscape friends, here's a rules variant I created back in '04 when the game was new. It received lots of praise and was even commented on by one of the co-creators of Heroscape, Rob DeVaio, back in the old forum. It was a pretty simple rule variant that added some major twists to the game. It was downloaded over a thousand times so hopefully a few folks enjoyed it!
To tell the truth, the cards pissed me off because every time we played with them, my strategies got screwed with! I don't think I ever won a game in which we used them! It was fun though because Heroscape is one of those games where a good time can be had even if you don't win. For anyone who hasn't played the game, give it a try! Then download the SPELLBOUND cards and be prepared to get pissed off!! ;)
Here's a link to the download on BGG:
And although not totally necessary to gameplay, it does add to the asthetic value, here's a link to print out a back design for the cards: