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HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Friday April 5th, 2019 6:06am
by Weltenlaeufer
Hey everybody!

I was wondering who here has added D n D roleplaying elements to the game and how did you incorporate it? I am adding all these extra boards, maps and now terrain to the main quests and I think that regular rules like for example walking with normal dicerolls and the ingame combat can go a bit stale outside the main quest. I wanna add more depth and variety.

I was thinking of maybe having my group create a dnd character for their hero and just switch to dnd outside the mainboard quest. Its just an idea, I dont know if its doable and makes sense yet.... I ve not played dnd yet, only 'the dark eye' back in my teens. I loved the roleplaying aspect and the idea of having them roll tests for their actions.

I got my first dwarven forge cavern this week, and I feel its just perfect for that type of gameplay as I dont just want to have them running through the scenery on highspeed. Basically I wanna timestretch the gameflow with dnd based play outside the mainboard a bit.

Any ideas?

Re: HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Friday April 5th, 2019 8:06am
by Anderas
What's great about heroquest?
What's not so great about heroquest?

think about it, solve it for your group (every gaming group is different...). Then adapt what you like.

For me, great about heroquest is:

* super fast set up
* beautiful game material (look at that furniture.. you just don't find it elsewhere, until today not!)
* simple to learn
* game duration under 1-2 hours, so you need no great game evening planning
* any additional rule is usually found on the game cards, the very moment you need them; and thus it is open to new content
* quest notes allow for any level of deep game (though they are not perfectly used for many of the official quests)
* super fast stow away

not so good is:
* sluggish rule writing
* after some time, there is just not enough game content
* missing overland questing and town modules

So, for me personally, the right way is to clean up a bit the rules; then add more game cards to solve the content problem, do some overland questing ( I was going for sotiris' ideas there).
I did not yet add a town module: I tested some good candidates; but such a thing can easily take more time than the quest itself so I shy away from it.

good in "Das schwarze Auge" was for me:
* content without end (still have some of the books) :lol:
* overland and town modules provided
all the rest was not good. endless searching for some rule, no game material; a single monster fight takes easily half an hour...

So that's just me of course. If you emphasize some other "goods" and "bads" about the game, your solution will be different. There are many who don't care about game length, so they love to add little frills to the fight system everywhere... just an example.

Re: HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Friday April 5th, 2019 2:37pm
by Weltenlaeufer
Cool! Thanks Anderas. I agree with your pros and cons. I love the simplicity of the game itself, the gameplay everything of it is perfect with a few adjustments here and there. I just think about overland questing and town and other scenarious outside the main quests....especially when creating my own quests later. I wanna build a world around the basegame where we can venture out into different scenarios once in a while. I wanna keep the base game rule system untouched, despite the usual common sense adjustments.

The thing is I love the idea of having the group run through other areas, like woods, caverns etc to get to the mainboard.

For these outside the mainboard scenarious I think I gonna use other rules, like a more RPG style system and then switch to the Heroquest rules once they hit normal playing boards, like the spanish hero quest outside boards, ice dungeon board or the regular board. Lets see if I can do that in a way that makes sense and is fun!

Das schwarze Auge was fun but it was too much searching for everything that killed it for me in the I wanna just find the right amount of RPG style elements that keep it fun and not too complicated. I am looking into the Dnd rules right now and see what I can steal and what I wanna leave out. Again this is only for the outside areas of the game but I wanna set it in the same universe/context.

Re: HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Friday April 5th, 2019 5:31pm
by torilen
I actually have a whole rpg that I've been selling for the past 2-1/2 years on DriveThruRPG. The rules and gameplay
are basically Hero Quest - just rewritten, changed, and expanded.

Here are two links. The first gives you the basic rules I had posted a LOOOOONNNGG time ago.
The second gives you all of my extra expansions I have made.



If you like, please feel free to check out this thread, where I have links for all of my stuff for sale. I have
a ton of material available.


You can also check out my topics - I have a bunch of other stuff I have posted...thoughts, ideas, expansions
and additions. I might not have linked them all in the second link above. (you should be able to go this


Re: HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Saturday April 6th, 2019 3:49am
by Weltenlaeufer
Thanks torilen! I ll check out your links. :)

I wanna create my own sidequests or intromissions around the mainquests with different boards and scenery. I think I gonna go with some simplified Dnd rules for anything outside the mainquest and see how it works.

Re: HeroQuest-Roleplay Hybrid

PostPosted: Saturday April 6th, 2019 9:38am
by torilen
Check out Inked Adventures and Heroic Maps...two companies that
make maps and tiles for pdf download and print off at home. They
Actually design they’re products with heroquest in mind. You can
Find them on drivethrurpg also.