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[Group][Single Quest] The Pitcher Plant Pond

PostPosted: Wednesday July 4th, 2018 10:06am
by torilen
I wrote a new encounter setting for my game system over the weekend, and posted it
this morning. I've formatted it as best as I could for HeroQuest. Here it is. Enjoy!

Product Summary:
Carnivorous plants exist in the mortal realm, but they are small, pretty to look at, and only eat insects.
Carnivorous plants from the Wild Eternal, a realm filled with animals, beasts, and living plant creatures,
are much more terrifying and dine on any creature that gets trapped in its corrosive digestive juices.

Within these pages you will find one such carnivorous plant: The Pitcher Plant Pond. Here you will discover
the lore behind these creatures, a description of them, a means of defeating them, and the information
needed to include them in your Questing Heroes games.

pitcher plant pond 6-30-18.pdf

Re: [Group][Single Quest] The Pitcher Plant Pond

PostPosted: Monday July 9th, 2018 3:31pm
by Daedalus
You've got loads of creative effort there. I'd say the roleplay content of creature background qualifies this more as a separate game aid than a Quest. Why not start a new topic for your game at Board index ‹ Fantasy Gaming Rooms ‹ Other Fantasy Games Area ‹ Other Games Room? There you could organize your various submissions under the single banner of Questing Heroes. Previous Questing Heroes topics could also be linked from the introductory OP.

Re: [Group][Single Quest] The Pitcher Plant Pond

PostPosted: Monday July 9th, 2018 5:57pm
by torilen
If you think it would be better elsewhere, I could do that.

I do already have a thread for my Questing Heroes materials, under Ye Olde Pub...the one
thread "Fantasy Game Strategies Now Open". I usually try to differentiate things separately
if I've formatted them for HeroQuest use. I'm sure you've noticed, there is not a LOT of
difference. Mostly terminology...using Combat Dice and "one red die" instead of simply
using six sided dice or 1d6 and such....Evil Wizard instead of Game Master.

I understand your reasoning behind saying this is more a gaming aid instead of a quest,
in terms of HeroQuest. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.

Re: [Group][Single Quest] The Pitcher Plant Pond

PostPosted: Tuesday July 10th, 2018 10:42am
by Daedalus
Another suggestion could be Board index ‹ HeroQuest Rooms ‹ HeroQuest Additions ‹ Other Expansion Topics. I see you have already collected a good deal of your earlier HQ-hybrid work there. If you want to emphasize your game's compatibility, that may be a better room.

Either way, keeping your other topics in other appropriate rooms like the Pub is fine. I think a link to them from a master topic in the Other Games Room or the Other Expansion Topics could help out those interested in checking out the scope of your system.