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Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Tuesday September 23rd, 2008 9:32pm
by Felindar
First off I just want to say THANK GOD finaly all of those searches paid off. I have been looking for Dewayne Agin's page Since it went away.

I was starting to think I was the only one with all of that HQ stuff left in my closet, but with some of the packs listed at $600 I knew it could not be so.

Well Here is my Idea for an Expanson.

I finally got tired of telling the little ones, Kids not Jawas, that they can't play. They love Star Wars and I was thinking they handle the old HeroQuest game just fine. Then I got to thinking wile watching A new hope for the 4 time in a week, yep I said they love it. How similar that situation was. Here is some of what I have come up with to date.
Hero card
Search cards


Arg the Heroscape threads auto resise the pictures and then blow them up if you click on it. Why are they not doing that on the starwars threads.


Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Wednesday September 24th, 2008 12:34am
by drathe
Welcome Felindar!

I like the cards, they're really well done. The forum has a max size on image width and doesn't resize, sorry. I can actually see the whole thing by right clicking the picture and selecting 'view image', but that's using Firefox. I'm not as familiar with IE anymore, and not at all familiar with other browsers.

I've often thought about designing a StarWars version of HeroQuest. I only got as far as designing the double sided gameboard (on paper) with interior on one side and deep space on the other. Seems you got much further on your rendition. I'd like to see more of your ideas. What do you use as the characters? The figures from StarWars miniatures?

I see endless possibilities with such a game. Players could be members of so many groups, Alliance, Empire, Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Sith, Wookies, Ewoks and run endless types of Missions both on foot and in space. It would certainly be one up on HeroQuest with all the options instead of players only playing the same four Hero types battling the same Monsters under the control of the same evil Sorcerer.

Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Wednesday September 24th, 2008 10:23am
by Felindar
Well for one thing, I expanded Heroquest allot. First off I have Dragon Strike, Dark world, Fantasy paths, Mighty Wariors,Advanced HQ, the DnD tiles Basicaly any game with tiles. {I was Addicted early on by HQ} I made up stats for all sorts of minis, I use the ones posted on the old site for fimir mages and scaven. The advancing your character rules let the games expand and grow allot. With the Dnd mins I have them going up aginst, pirates, bugbears, Dark elves, add infinitum. I also used the standard treasure with one or two of my own additiions for regural rooms, Warhammer quest encounters for nice rooms {with stats corected for HQ} and the DnD card master set for treasure rooms. When you can encunter many of the larger mosnsters out of the Dnd world you think twice. The nice thing is that some of them let you pull a treasure card, so some of those encounters run on and on going into 4 or more encounters. That deck also includes NPCs so it gives lots of opportunities for fre form role play.

Probably the bigest one I did was the Quest for the steam mage I made up stats for a bunch of the Mage knight steam golums. This and the hybrid tiles, a fantasy gothic teckno set let me run a uniqe game lasting over a whole summer.

So no talk about HQ being repetitive let the imagination fly free. With only a hanfull of stats to make up a new moster can be made in about 1 min.

But yep I use the minis from the star wars mini game I would love to see your board though. I use all of the Galaxy tiles from Wizards not to mention the maps from the expansions. I have the Equivelent of the basic game done GM screen Armory cards for searching and powers. pbobably the one house rule of mine that you would have to use is that I have spell levels, you get 3 and 9 and can choose from some diffrent schools. Clerical types use the origional spells from HQ, and Mages use the Dragon strike or Warhammer quest spells with changes for HQ. but those have Levels So I was able to make up the Starwars game using spells that had already been playtested out, but those abilities come in levels.


Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Wednesday September 24th, 2008 12:47pm
by drathe
My paper board was just a concept, not a finished product. I should move the concept from pencil to something better drafted on the Computer. These ideas are really growing my interest more so than my prior attempts. I'll make a special forum for this topic tomorrow (just heading out the door at the moment) so the game may be further developed.

As for all your other Monster expansions, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see what you've got! I also have Dragon Strike, but have yet to create any HQ stats for the miniatures. The more ideas we all have to work with, the more expansions we can all come up with. One idea spawns a dozen!

Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Sunday March 8th, 2009 5:58pm
by Felindar
Hey all it has been Months. Things got a lot crazy here and I am ready to start posting the cards and stuff.

I am wondering if anyone has Ideas for new spells or abilities, I need ones for Slicer droids. and Jedi.

These should be things that R2 could pull off in a teckno envirenvent.

or things a Jedi can do anyware.


Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Sunday March 8th, 2009 10:47pm
by drathe
Nice to have you back!

I've been thinking about this project over the last few days wondering what I could do to help. Magically, here you are asking for some. :D

Just some basic ideas I can think of so far for Jedi and Droids.

  • Force Push
  • Deflect
  • Persuade (Mind Trick)
  • Sense
  • Force Jump
  • Telekenisis
  • Force Strength
  • Absorption
  • Premonition (see the future)

  • Unlock (Open Door)
  • Hack
  • Disrupt Transmission
  • Repair
  • Alert
  • Monitor

Just some basic things I can think of that they should be able to do. May or may not fit into your Star Wars HeroQuest, but might be useful. If I think of other things, I'll post them.

Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Monday March 9th, 2009 1:10pm
by Felindar
Most of those are covered the force push pull and leap is a gerneral move person thing.
You have not only the number of force powers that you would have spells in HQ but you have that many force points as well.

for each force point you spend you may move one man sised or smaller object 2 sqwares. This includes yourself {force leap ext.} You get back one force point for each turn in wich you rest. That being only moving or acting not both.

Premonition is one I wanted to do but could not see the best way. My thought was 2 versions one low level you may redo the last roll or set of rolls {yours and your oponents.} chose the best. that would let you do one attack. The other is a higher level this would go from the last time you opened a door or had an encounter. A wait I have a bad feeling about this thing. If the groop gets hammered or someone gets blown out into space, you can redo the whole encounter. The question I had was what spell level {how many HQ spell slots would they take up} should those be I was thinking 1 and 3 . and am I alowed to change what happens. There is a pit trap but now it is in a difrent space, there are 10 stormys and a sith lord but now they are in diffrent spots. or are they all in extatly the same locals Remember time is not being reset this is saying the game never went past this point however many turns before you just have a bad feing about going in that room.


Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Monday March 9th, 2009 1:58pm
by drathe
I was thinking Premonition would be more like a Clairvoyance. Being able to see what lies ahead on the board in a room or down a corridor before you turn the corner or open the door.

Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Monday March 9th, 2009 3:43pm
by Felindar
That would be a cool first level version I could play test out some of the posibilities for a more advanced one latter. The only problem with the clarvoiance is I have had people use it and tag an empty room. Or wow one ork and a table. I almost think a show us the evil wizard or largest treasure question might work better. I have seen that wasted and discarded before but that guy was a bit of a whiner.

Buy the way one type thread you might want to start is anouncing games. I know we don't have huge numbers of players, but being able to post a regular game might find some more players.

I for one am restricted to 3-4 big all day games every year, wich I spread out over mordheim necromunda BFG SWM ext. the next one is going to be Heroquest. I will be having an all day or atleast 10 am - 9 pm game some time after easter running over several boards wile I have many players in the loop about 5 normaly show up for any given game. I am located in NW Indiana and wanted to give a shout out for any local players.

I normaly have guys who come in from the North side of chicago about an hour and 15 min away. so I figure a bit of a drive for 10-11 hours of HQ might not be out of the question.

I thought a "subject area or whatever" for anouncing our games might not be a bad Idea.

Re: Star Wars Hero Quest

PostPosted: Monday March 9th, 2009 3:57pm
by drathe
We added some gaming group forums about a month or so ago. They're further down the index page. People can go to their country/territory and announce games, introduce themselves to the area and try to connect to other people in that area. But yes, as of this moment, they're aren't very many members frequently visiting the boards to make good use of them, but they're there for those who want to use them. Hopefully our numbers will continue to grow as more people visit and create interesting topics and share their HeroQuest ideas with every one and those forums will start filling up with games.

They aren't there just for HeroQuest games, use them for gathering players in your area for any type of game.