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Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday June 11th, 2012 3:29pm
by torilen
Okay, I've decided to add everything I've created into one post/link/whatever.
I've left my original posts...just deleted the files from those and edited them
with a link pointing here.

Added 6-11-2012: Expanded Equipment, Expanded Monsters, Expanded Hero and Evil Wizard Spells
Added 6-11-2012: Reply 1: Tiles by Torilen
Added 6-11-2012: Reply 2: Treasure and Artifact Cards - Sets 1, 2, 3
Added 6-11-2012: Reply 3: HeroQuest Festival and Tournament Rules
Added 6-15-2012: Reply 4: Tiles by Torilen - forest setting, cliffs and cave entrance.
1-7-2013: Expanded Monsters updated - just a few minor changes here and there, and the addition
....of a couple more monsters in a "Supplement".
Added 2-13-13: New tile - board over-lay for a temple

expanded equipment and other.pdf

expanded monsters.pdf

The original monster thread can be found here, if anyone is interested extraneous discussion about various aspects of
the expansion:

expanded hero spells.pdf

expanded evil wizard spells.pdf

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday June 11th, 2012 3:31pm
by torilen
Original tiles posts were made for Grassy Field with pond, Grassy Field with island, and Festival Grounds at the following
thread, if you want to see any extraneous discussion about the pdf's.

grassy field with pond.pdf

grassy shore with island.pdf

festival grounds.pdf

stone hallway and room set.pdf

grassy field.pdf

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday June 11th, 2012 3:37pm
by torilen
Okay - I decided against moving the treasure and artifact card pages.
Here are the links if you want to check them out, however:

cards 1

cards 2

cards 3

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday June 11th, 2012 3:37pm
by torilen
heroquest tournament.pdf

The original thread for this expansion can be found here - there is some discussion
about the expansion, as well as one game not included in the pdf yet.

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Friday June 15th, 2012 9:00am
by torilen
Okay - here are two more tile additions.
One is a forest setting - it shows the trunk of the trees, the start of the root system,
and a green transparent circle shows the tree top.
The second is a series of cliff faces, a few with some outcroppings, and one or two
with a cave entrance.

As always - they are the best I can do with my limited resources and artistic ability. BUT...
they're useful for the settings if you need that particular setting.


forest setting.pdf

grassy field - cliffs and cave entrance.pdf

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Wednesday August 8th, 2012 10:31am
by Templar
You have put SO much work into this...makes me feel quite the lazy person for not making something similar...

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Friday February 15th, 2013 5:51pm
by torilen

This one is an actual over-lay for the board - offers players the use of a wood-floored temple that sits over
one-half of the board. I tested it out, and it printed well enough that the spaces were very, very close to the
board spaces. SO...there shouldn't be any problem with space, or placing other tiles around this one (outdoor
tiles, for example, so that you have grass or trees outside the temple).
The "tile" itself is actually five can leave them separate for easy storage, or print them on heavy
card-stock or glue/tape it to light card-board and tape them all together into one big piece.

Included in this tile are cut-out benches to use as seats in the temple. Just cut them out and fold the legs
down - its pretty self-explanatory when you see them.

If things don't print out the right size, please let me know. I've been having some issues with this since
Adobe Reader came out with their newer versions. Not sure if it is just a transfer issue, or if I am doing
something wrong. I may start using a new program for making my tiles soon. But just in case...let me know
if it doesn't turn out right.

overlay - temple building.pdf

As always, enjoy.

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Saturday February 16th, 2013 7:51am
by Sjeng
great work! I'll check em out later.

ForPDF's I use:
- PDF Creator
- Foxit Reader

Both are free, lightweight, and easy to use. Just make sure you READ the installation steps, because they'll add some (unwanted) toolbars to your browser. You can uncheck those, just don't click next-next-next without reading.

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday March 4th, 2013 5:47pm
by torilen
Okey-dokey - here is a new one. I created a grassy corner overlay for the HQ board.
The pdf includes a simple grassy area with a brown border (supposed to be a wooden fence, I suppose),
and it also includes one area with tombstones already placed. There are instructions included on how to
move around the cemetery (with tombstones included) and how to attack and such.

I mainly started creating this to go with maike05's heroquest temple tile overlay, found here:

(SHOUT OUT TO MAIKE05 - good job on those tiles, buddy)

I suppose the empty, blank grassy tiles could be used for anything, though...any area needed that
is enclosed with a brown/wooden-fence border.


overlay - grass cemetery.pdf

EDIT: 3-4-13 - I decided that I should include a set of tiles without the border, as well. So, here they are.

overlay - grass cemetery - no borders.pdf

Re: Expansions and Additions by Torilen

PostPosted: Monday March 4th, 2013 7:03pm
by torilen
Here is a new monster supplement for HQ. It really isn't anything special.
I've included two new monsters - an apparition (lesser form of my ghost) and a scarecrow (made
from skeletons - I made this just for something creepy, to be honest).

I also expanded the "mercenaries" into "People of the Empire...they now include
commoners, mages, and priests. I did the same for Elves and Dwarves.

Enjoy...or if it is too simple, then don't. As I said, it is nothing really special,
but I worked on it and felt it should go with all of my other expansions.

EDIT - 3-15-13: Updated supplement - a couple of monsters added.

expanded monsters sup-a.pdf far as the new monsters added, if you don't want to download the whole thing:
Hell Hound
Move: 8....AD: 3....DD: 3....Body: 3....Mind: 2
Special: Every other turn, this monster can breath a blast of fire at any hero within 3 spaces. This blast of fire does 2 points of damage to a single hero. That hero may roll 2 red dice, and may reduce the damage by 1 point for each 5 or 6 rolled.
Note: This creature is roughly the size of a Bull Mastiff. Its attack is a bite.

Move: 3....AD: 1....DD: 4....Body: 1....Mind: 6
Special: Aside from its normal claw attack, this creature can attack with a spike at the end of its tail, using 1 combat die for this attack. If this tail spike attack causes any damage, target rolls 1d6. On a roll of 1 or 2 or 3, the target takes 3 Body Points of Poison damage, as well.
Special: In addition to its walking movement, this creature can fly at 10 spaces per turn.
Special: This creature's defense is partly magical in nature, and does not drop below 2 defense dice when unconscious or caught by surprise.

In humanoid form, this creature looks as it normal would, except maybe slightly hairier, and it may have golden or yellowish eyes. In hybrid form, the monster looks like a full mixture of its humanoid form and a large wolf. Typically, the fur of the hybrid creature will be very dark brown or black.

Lycanthropy is a template that is placed overtop of another creature's normal statistics.
The term "Same" indicates when the Lycanthrope is in its humanoid form.
This monster makes 2 separate attacks in hybrid form. If both attacks cause at least 1 point of damage, the Lycanthrope may make a bite attack. See below for the bite attack dice.
Any creature bitten by a Lycanthrope will become one during the next full moon, unless the Curse is put to rest by killing the Lycanthrope that caused it, or by magic.

Werewolf /+2 /+1 /+1d6 /Same, +15ft in hybrid form
Werecat /+1 /+2 /+2d6 /Same, +10ft in hybrid form
Werebear /+3 /+1 /+1d6 /Same, +15ft in hybrid form

Attack /Defense /Bite
Werewolf /Same, 2/2 in hybrid form (claws x2) /Same, 3 in hybrid form /3
Werecat /Same, 1/1 in hybrid form (claws x2) /Same, 4 in hybrid form /2
Werebear /Same, 3/3 in hybrid form (claws x2) /Same, 3 in hybrid form /5