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How I Use the DragonStike Boards

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Re: How I Use the DragonStike Boards

Postby torilen » Friday March 8th, 2013 1:04pm

I'm curious. Do you do all this roleplaying "in game"? How do you work the movement and such. Do you simply
give the heroes a set amount and let them move the maximum, or can they just move however they want, since
there is no combat and they're just in town.

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Re: How I Use the DragonStike Boards

Postby Spookyhappyfun » Thursday August 10th, 2017 4:29pm

I hate that this story dropped off. I just discovered it and I absolutely love this! The use of the Boards, the wider story, the fun hand-made furniture and minis, the backstory and pages of notes and drawings.

This is incredible stuff!

Did you keep going with this game?

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