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Re: HeroQuest Compatible Miniatures

Postby Morcar2018 » Tuesday January 1st, 2019 6:36pm

lestodante wrote:Hi... no I didn't "create" them, they are sculpted by two italian artists:
Mentor and Sir Manfred were sculpted by Marco Partenzi while the Witch Lord was sculpted by Fabio Rizzo.
But I personally commissioned the Witch Lord to Fabio while Marco produced the other two on his own. I just had several of them because to start the (limited) production they required a minimum number order so I contributed to reach that number by ordering a lot. Anyway they are all gone now, I just have 1 of each type for myself.
I will try to contact the the authors to ask if they can make more copies and let you know.

Thank you so much Lestodante. Let me know... They are great. I would be interested in Sir Manfred and the Witch Lord (not Mentor). I live in the UK, but I'm italian too.
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Re: HeroQuest Compatible Miniatures

Postby KrautScientist » Friday February 1st, 2019 9:00pm

I don't want to seem like a party crasher, but I would be really interested in owning a copy of that Sir Manfred/Ragnar and Witch Lord -- maybe it would make it easier to convince the sculptor if there's actually interest in more than one set? So please count me in!

Those models are excellent -- I just love the way the Witch Lord matches the artwork from the expansion!
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Re: HeroQuest Compatible Miniatures

Postby Geofonos » Monday July 8th, 2019 1:50am

I'd be very interested in buying a few Witch Lords myself.
I'll probably drop Fabio a pm on Facebook, see if he's got any left.

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