Looking for Dancing nobles miniatures

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Looking for Dancing nobles miniatures

Postby DullandRusty » Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 3:04am

Hey all, im looking for some good minis of npc nobility that are dancing and talking. Especially dancing. I would like to dress them with a ghostly paint job so they look like the ghost ballroom at disneyland for a quest i want to run. Victorian clothes are great, but i am flexible on medieval, etc. anyone have any leads?



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Re: Looking for Dancing nobles miniatures

Postby Goblin-King » Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 4:48am

I have searched the interwebs a lot for all sorts of NPC miniatures. Dancing (girls mostly), sure. Nobles, absolutely.
Dancing nobles? Sorry, never stumbled across that particular combination. I really don't think it exist :(

I know of these, but they aren't exactly nobles. But it's my best bet.


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