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Name that Mini!

Discuss compatible Miniatures, Miniature making/painting and share Miniatures you've made/painted.

Re: Name that Mini!

Postby tallyho » Monday April 1st, 2019 1:44pm

knightkrawler wrote:
Goblin-King wrote:
Anderas wrote:hahaha chainmail bikini to the worst :D

There is literally nothing wrong with chainmail bikinis |_P

Exactly. The Elf asks me every session if I can't make a chainmail bikini card.
A certain member of this here forum has even provided art for use.
KrautScientist wrote:@ tallyho: It's this model from Reaper, I believe.

:D :D :D Thanks
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Re: Name that Mini!

Postby Spookyhappyfun » Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 8:29am

lestodante wrote:Well...
And still no one is able to identify mine?
lestodante wrote:Does anyone have an idea of wich mini is this one?

Yeah, I guess that's a tough one. I have no idea, but I'm surprised that others haven't figured it out.
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