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Sanctus Reach

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Sanctus Reach

Postby Gold Bearer » Friday December 24th, 2021 4:03pm

Who's a fan of Sancus Reach? If you like 40k this is the closest to the tabletop game. I'm making an official patch for Slitherine that has a ton of improvements as well as a new mp game mode with elite (extra abilities) units. A new closed beta should be ready just after new year, let me know here if you'd like to help playtest it and I'll pm the code when it's up.

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach
Patch Notes – December 2021

Version 1.4.0

Space Wolves have SP campaign voices added and a few other new ones and fixes.
Orks have rearranged sounds, a few new ones and play them in a few more situations.
Imperial Guard have the bullgryns and scions death sound bug fixed, ogryns and bullgryns don't play the standard guardsmen sounds, their vehicles weapons have been separated (like firing main weapon) and some new sounds added.
Daemons play their sounds in far more situations and have unique ones for things like attacking, reaching critical health, grunting when attacking and using a rally.
Weapons that weren't making sounds (like hellfire missiles, quad rockets and ironstorm missile impact explosions and Mogrok's weapons) now are.
Energy weapons don't make bullet impact sounds.
Some of the grenades that were silent now have a detonation sound.
Knights say "Ion shield failing" when the shield goes down instead of on low health.
Other minor improvements like pain sounds playing for grenades that blind or stun.

User Interface
New ability icons and info added, now you get all the info you need like cooldown times, range, etc and a few weapons have different firing icons.
Some info errors corrected, only units with reaction fire show reaction icons and the right weapons are listed in all cases in all three UI cases.
Abilities rearranged for single player with a few descriptions sharing a slot to make room for level up abilities.
For the random army lists you can now see which factions are being used before selecting an mp match.
The 'Out Of Range' text doesn't appear on screen any more over units that aren't visible, over allied units (except for Mogrok) or for units that are melee only.
The Waaagh ability had a much bigger area of effect than was shown in the area on screen. The area on screen was 5x5, the description said 7x7, the actual area of effect was 11x11. Now all three are 7x7.
Goo Bomb UI area fixed.
Tzeentch Heralds and Pink Horrors no longer have their nonexistent melee weapons listed.
Super-heavies now counted on the mission score screen, as heavy support.
Weapons that hit a whole tile now tell you the right amount of tile damage instead of half.
Paladins say Dual Heavy Stubbers, Killakans with drills now say drills instead of klaws.
Ion shields don't say that they're disable if the unit is destroyed.
It doesn't say that units that can't be pinned are locked in combat any more.
The faction names now show when the cusor is over an mp match.
Units that can't be pinned no longer say that they're locked in combat.
Transports now tell you the movement penalty for disembarking troops.
Over minor improvements.

Ability Fixes
Photon grenades and stun bombs now work on things like buggies and kopters like they're supposed to and also on soulgrinders, same with Domination (the astra psyker's unit brake).
Krak grenades/stikkbombs now always work on units that have suffered casulties.
Ragnar can't be pinned, as it says in the text of one of his abiliies.
Combat Teleporter now can't be used to teleport to a tile with a scenery object.
Wolf Tooth Necklace now does its bonus damage.
Weirdboy's Power Vomit was using an action if you had any but you could do if you had no actions. Now it's free for Big Redd and uses one action for regular weirdboyz.
Krumpa's War Paint was boosting the weapons of enemy units in range. Now it's just orks.
Grukk doesn't lose his Warpath bonus attack now when he attacks with his squig first.
Warbuggies stand a 50% chance of exploding and damaging adjacent units like they're supposed to.
The Green Tide ability now works on superkannon wagons like it's supposed to, turning them into transports.
Blessing Of Mork (invulnerablity) now works on any type of attack.
The extra attack for the Ammo Runt ability can now target cover.
Suppression Fire (Tempestor Prime's ability that makes adjacent units fire on a target) now uses one action for Whitlock instead of those that fire, fixing two bugs.
You now get the extra attack for the Backup Weapons ability when disembarking from a vehicle.
Toxic mix now does its damage at the end of each turn.
Plague Drone's drain ability now actually restore its own health.
Units like Egil and Winterfang no longer get their starting abilities showing up as new level up ability.
Only terminators can get the Personal Teleporter ability as it says in the ability's description and in the tabletop game.
Painboyz and Burners can't get More Dakka, an ability they can't use.

Other Bug Fixes
Campaign skirmishes last the selected amount of matches instead of one less.
Acid Woods, Lost Hills and Refinery MP scenario maps fixed so both sides get to deploy.
Gretchin with blunderbusses now actually fire as blunderbusses, they used to fire as (and were referred to in the code) as rifles.
Logan, Winterfang, Stormcaller, Big Redd, Skrak and stormboyz now all take up the correct number of spaces (three instead of one) in transports.
There was a gretchin transport bug where they permanently lowered the number of troops in a transport, even to a negative number. Now they take up half the number of gretchin rounding up.
Ion shields were saying they were down for one turn no matter how long it actually was. Now it says the right amount of turns and you can check how many are left by hovering the cursor over the ability icon.
Crit text doesn't show if the shields disabled text does, they were on the same screen space.
Units don't say they're out of range if you have a bonus weapon up that can reach or if the unit doesn't have a ranged weapon.
Out of actions icons weren't showing after using some abilities, now they do.
Bonus weapons don't show out of actions text any more.
Twin-linked weapons now report the correct damage instead of only the second shots.
Punishers shoot the full amount of shots when shooting cover instead of just half.
Gorkanauts can now target cover like everybody else.
Morkanaught wrecks are now classed as large objects, same as Gorkanaught wrecks.
Took out broken deffdred tile-fire option (they have flamers).
Tzeentch Heralds don't lose movement for shooting cover.
Vortex and Infernal Gateway don't appear before the casting animation.
Only one squad member of a guardsman grenade launcher squad play the firing animation when they launch a krak grenade.
Other minor bug fixes.

Elite Units

All the abilities from single player modes are used, none more than once other than krak grenades and there's a few new passive abilities and one (M40 Targeting System) that I found assets for in the code and turned in an accuracy boost for one turn for whirlwinds.

The first number is the point cost for the standard version of the unit, the second is the cost for the elite version.

Space Wolves
All elite Space Wolf units have one extra ability from the single player modes except for Bolters who get Krak Grenades and Wolf Priests who get a second Healing Balm.

Bolters: 120/150
Krak Grenades

Flamers: 100/160
Rad Grenades - Leaves an AOE cloud that causes damage and halves ballistic protection.

Meltas: 200/300
Melta Bombs - High AP grenade but you need to be next to the target.

Blood Claws: 80/100
Blood Rage - Regains health for every melee kill.

Sky Claws: 120/220
Scare Grenades - Lowers morale.

Swift Claws: 160/280
Choke Grenades - Stuns the target for two turns.

Thunder Wolves: 280/380
Geneseed Mutation - Health regen every turn.

Heavy Bolters: 320/420
Hellfire Ammo - Shoots with ballistic protection reduction.

Las Cannons: 280/320
Camo Cloak - Cover bonus.

Missile Launchers: 280/320
Adamantine Mantle - Increased ballistic protection.

Terminator Storm Bolters: 320/420
Frag Storm Ammo - Hits a whole tile with reduced power.

Terminator Heavy Flamers: 260/460
Tangle Granade - Leaves AOE that blocks movement.

Terminator Thunder Hammers: 340/420
Combat Teleporter - Move to within eight tiles for an action.

Wolf Priests: 200/250
Healing Balm - Two Healing Balms in total.

Dreadnoughts: 400/500
Stasis Grenade - AOE stun that lasts 2-4 turns.

Venerable Dreadnoughts: 450/600
Void Shield - 30% chance to ignore damage from ranged attacks.

Landspeeder: 300/340
Afterburner - Extra movement for an action.

Rhinos: 200/250
Enhanced Chassis - Increased transport capacity.

Preditors: 400/500
Kraken Ammo - Shoots with heavy armour reduction.

Whirlwinds: 500/550
M40 Targeting System - Accuaracy boost for the turn it's used in.

Landraiders: 800/1000
Extra Armour - Increaces heavy armour.

All elite Ork infantry units except Gretchin and Weirdboyz have two extra abilities from the single player modes, Weirdboyz have one extra ability one turn less cooldown for Warpath and Killbolt and Gretchin and all other units have one extra ability from the single player modes.

Gretchin Grot Blasters: 10/15
Sneaky Gitz - Cover bonus.

Gretchin Blunderbuses: 10/12
Loudener - +20 morale damage.

Sluggas: 40/60
More Killier - Melee buff.
Blasta Ammo - Hits whole tile.

Shootas: 100/180
More Dakka - Double shots every three turns.
Smasha Ammo - +20 AP.

Burnas: 80/180
Big Bomb - High AP grenade but you need to be next to the target.
Run For It - Movement boost for an action.

Storm Boyz: 100/160
Spikey Bitz - 50% chance melee attackers take halft he damage they cause.
Sharpshoota - Allways crits.

Flash Gitz: 320/380
Flash Bomb - Skill and accuracy nurf for two turns.
Snazzy Ammo - Morale damage.

Slugga Nobz: 140/240
Tasty Squig - Heal for an action.
Suppa Choppas - Melee damage boost.

Skorcha Nobz: 200/280
Cybork Body - Increaced ballistic protection and heavy armour.
Target Practice - Increaced reaction fire accuracy.

Mega Nobz: 260/380
Goo Bomb - AOE object that blocks movement for 2-3 turns.
Power Charga - Melee morale damage.

Painboyz: 200/320
Supa Cybork - Melee buff and increaced ballistic protection and heavy armour.
Supa Stikkbomb - High AP grenade but you need to be next to the target.

Weirdboyz: 160/250
Weird Bomb - AOE object blocks LOS and movement for four turns.
Warpath and Killbolt have one turn less cooldown.

Warbuggies: 50/60
Grot Rigga - Health regen every turn.

Warbikers: 240/280
Weird Ammo - Ignore shields.

Blasta Deffkoptas: 120/160
Fuel Injecta - Extra movement for an action.

Rokkit Deffkoptas: 200/280
Supa Rangefinda - Range and accuaracy buff.

Shoota Killakans: 200/300
Da Best Ammo - Damage and range buff.

Rokkit Killakans: 280/380
Skorcha Rokkits - 3x3 area.

Battle Wagons: 300/360 (reskinned dark red)
Go Fasta Red - +8 movement points.

Supakannon Wagons: 480/500
Green Tide - Makes them transports with a capacity of 12.

Deffdreds: 300/380
Eavy Armour - Increaced heavy armour.

Mekguns: 260/320
Ammo Runt: Extra attack every three turns.

Gorkanaughts: 600/1200
Blessing of Gork - 30% chance with each shot to ignore armour reduction.

Morkanaughts: 1000/1200
Blessing of Mork - Ignore damage for a turn.

All elite Astra infantry units except Primaris Psykers have two extra abilities from the single player modes and all other Astra units have one extra ability from the single player modes.

Las Guns: 60/120
Bait - Evades reaction fire.
Frequency Modulator - Small chance to blind.

Flamers: 40/100
Toxic Mix - Leaves an AOE cloud that causes damage and halves ballistic protection.
Compressor - Smaller area but more damage.

Grenade Launchers: 60/120
Medi Kit - Heals self or an adjacent unit for an action.
Backup Weapons - Three attacks per turn.

Plasma Guns: 160/240
Extensive Target Practice - Shoots with heavy armour reduction.
Cammo Gear - Cover bonus.

Scion Power Swords: 200/260
Veteran - Melee skill buff.
Momentum - Morale recovery for kills.

Scion Meltas: 220/260
Krak Grenades.
The Emperor Protects - Morale recovery for an action.

Scion Las Guns: 220/280
Bionic Eyes - Range increase.
Mechanised - +1 action when unloading.

Scion Volly Guns: 240/320
Sharpshooter - Double reaction fire.
Upgraded Optics - Accuracy buff.

Ogryns: 220/320
Bionic Legs - Extra movement.
Crack Shot - Always crits.

Bullgryns: 260/320
Bionic Arms - Melee damage buff.
Combat Drugs - Bonus melee attack.

Commissars: 160/220
Auger Aray - Scan.
Carapace Armour - Increaced ballistic protection.

Psykers: 260/320
Phase Shift is always active and one turn less cooldown times for every other abilty.

Sentinals: 240/300
Refractor Field - 30% chance to ignore damage from ranged attacks.

Valkyries: 560/580
Reactive Armour Plates - 70% chance to ignore damage from missile type weapons.

Chimeras: 200/280
Full Throttle - Extra movement for an action.

Hellhounds: 200/220
Machine Spirit Rirual - Increased base morale.

Basilisks: 360/380
Recovery Gear - Health back for an action.

Battle Tanks: 400/440
Camo Netting - Cover Bonus.

Punishers: 400/480
Exra Armour - Increased ballistic protection.

Executioners: 420/520
Relic Plating - Increased heavy armour.

Vanquishers: 460/540
Hull Reinforcement - Increaded base HP.

Shadowswords: 1000/1400
Tank Commander - Increased accuracy.

Errant Knights: 700/940
Senechal - Three attacks per turn.

Paladin Knights: 700/1000
Krak ammo - Increased armour piercing.

Warden Knights: 1000/1040
Caramite Plating - Protection form heat based weapons.

All elite Daemon units have 50% more health and cost 25% more points except Heralds Of Tzeentch and Khorne Soulgrinders whose points don't split evenly into quarters so Heralds Of Tzeentch cost 50% more points and have one turn less cooldown with their two abilities as well as the 50% health increace and Khorne Soulgrinders have a bit less of a health and points increace.

I also made a mp mod with new (kinda) daemon units. https://www.mediafire.com/file/o9t10jm03luziwc/Sanctus_Reach_Undivided_Mod.zip/file
I converted two of the sp maps and edited one to cover it in snow. There's a choice of force sizes and for the Blood River map you can have combined forces of the Imperium against Daemons and Orks. Orks were originally part of chaos back in the day so it's not too unreasonable. The daemons and orks can't use their abilities on each other, this only really affects the Tzeentch Herald's armour buff, Krumpa's damage boost, painboyz can't heal daemons and rallies, and daemons can't get in transports. On the up side they don't lose morale for nearby units from the other faction dying. The Imperium act as one coherent force.

New Units
Chaos Knights! Oh yes, Tzeentch (errant with heat shield and ephemeral shield), Slaanesh (paladin with three attacks and faster movement) and Nurgle (warden with a toxic flamer and the Nurgle melee nurf but slower movement).
Soulgrinders of Slaanesh (faster movement and three attacks) and Nurgle (slower movement but with the melee nurf and regen).
Chaos spawn of Slaanesh and Nurgle with the same stuff as the soulgrinders using two of the existing spawn types with the third staying as a generic chaos spawn.
This gives each god the same number of units and one super-heavy each, which seems only fair.
And gretchin with blunderbusses, they fired (and were referred to in the code) as rifles, now they're actually blunderbusses.

There's a bug that slipped through the net preventing the freeblade knight getting its third attack for space wolves, there's a very simple fix. Just go into the Sanctus_All_Abilities file that came with the mod (in the Warhammer 40000 Sanctus Reach\Core folder) and find ImperialKnight, it will look like this:

START2 207
START3 208
START4 206
START5 201
START7 209

All you need to do is replace the number 208 with 38, that's it. It will take away its stomp ability icon but not stomp itself because that check is done on the unit type rather than the ability array. It will have two senechal icons but it will now work with space wolves as well as for the combined imperial forces.
There'll be a new updated version officially releaced with the patch.
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