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Dark Frontier KickStarter

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Dark Frontier KickStarter

Postby Tott » Thursday January 12th, 2017 4:14am

I've just backed a KS for Myth: Dark Frontier https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/megacongames/myth-dark-frontier/description
ive got some of this firms other games and theyre prettygood, this isnt really in the HQ vein its more of a tower defense resource manament thing.
However, scroll down to the add ons section and you can see they have some faction bundles, currently orcs, tailless (ratmen) and undead with hopefully more to be unlocked soon too. These are very high quality mini's and more importanly, its $30 for 20 of the minion type models (same size as HQ orcs) 4 captains and a commander (a little taller than HQ heroes) plus the boss - which is bloody massive. from the captains up, you know your fighting something a bit tougher than normal and the bosses are a glorious sight on a game board!
i think theyre pretty good value and personally id use them with HQ quite happily! have a look and you can still 'back' the KS and only pledge enough to get the Add-ons if thats all you want.
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Re: Dark Frontier KickStarter

Postby Jackyboy » Saturday January 14th, 2017 9:56am

just noticed on kicstarter. I promised myself not to buy any KS in 2017...but its too addictive! Im currently backin Vanguard of War (from the people that made LOAD) and what with results of the LOAD KS I feel Archon deserve a second chance. They make the miniatures in house and they look amazing!

I may have another look at Dark Frontier and agree the add ons are good value, but I shouldn't really buy 2 ks in Januray alone! :lol:
Please PM me if any of my old links to files are currently down. I am in the process of hosting them somewhere new!


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