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Postby Baylor_OgreBane » Tuesday November 9th, 2010 3:26pm

i have just finished GM'ing my first quest with my house mate's and i think they are hooked!
after generating their own characters, we started.
its a bit of a pain trying to find all of the matrices when needed but other than that...
2 dwarfs went down into the depth and a human armed with a bow on a simple quest for treasure, after many empty rooms they encountered a room of only 4 skavern, 2 warriors and 2 chiefs- a quest room, 1 dwarf was slain but all the rat men met the same fate, a total of 7 of the blighter's were killed. the adventurers escaped into a second dungeon via a trap door with a total of 600+ in gold crowns a ring of protection and a health vial. much of the first dungeon was left unexplored but then that adds to the adventure.
i'm now thinking of orcs for the next few levels to give them more of a challange, although their dead comrade might make an apperance or too ;)


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Re: games!

Postby HeroQuestFrance » Friday November 19th, 2010 3:32pm

The tables are a real pain in the ass but the system is good.
Too much complicated that's true, excepted if you handle all this with a program ;)

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