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between dungeons campaing

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between dungeons campaing

Postby Baylor_OgreBane » Thursday July 1st, 2010 3:18pm

AHQ Between dungeon campaign

This is to spice up games with continuous characters or campaigns by adding some more depth when travelling between dungeons making it more in-depth and hopefully fun!

Firstly start by getting hold of either square or hexed paper. And either pre-drawing a map, a GM might wish to do so to help tell the story better, or randomly generate one as you play by using the tables.
When moving you can only move where face’s are touching so hex paper will give you more options.
To move start by working out the average speed of your party, not including henchmen, and +4. This is how far your party may travel and also counts as 1 turn/day although you don’t have to move the full amount.
If you are using the table generator to explore your map roll a new location for every square and draw it in on the map so you can recall where you have been, and also record any search events too! Any square can be searched once moved in, but it may only be searched once, at no penalty.

Cost of living:
Provisions may be brought within settlements or city’s, normal between dungeon rules, at a cost of 5gc’s up to a max of 50gc’s each, that is all they can carry I’m afraid! For each day spent in the wild provisions or food must be consumed, if not then the character will start to starve losing 1 point of speed for each day without eating, when zero is reach that character has starved to death so beware.
Although the party may hunt for food, after searching an area with no dungeons or events of any sort you can hunt.


1-4-grass or forest
7-8-mountains or desert
9-10-river or lake

If a square net to a settlement or city has another result the same next to it then re-roll until different.
Settlements act as normal between dungeon rules, city’s are the same with the exception of buying a magic item from a randomly generated magic item/weapons table, note down which in case you return.
1-3-restores fate to full
4-7-restores any injuries/wounds
8-12-increases 1 character stat permanently, randomly selected

8-10-small dungeon, randomly generated
11-quest dungeon
12-battle site

AMBUSH! Treat as a quest room but also take the monster from that area into account I.E mountains will more likely have orc’s and ogres and city’s will have skavern.
don’t mark these on the map unless you flee before slaying all the enemy, if un-slain then they will be the same the next time this space is entered.

Battle sites, after a long drawn out battle the dead and their belongings are left strewn across the field.
Randomly select 6 weapons or armour and each player may choose to either swap for 1 of the 6 or continue with what they have.

Accidents happen when hunting select a character at random to take 1 wound!

Although these were designed for AHQ when in a dungeon or ambush you can adjust the rules for HQ and also the monster tables accordingly.

This is only a bit of fun, if you decide to give it a try then please tell me how it went.

Have fun and enjoy!

B.o.B :D

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